Creative Design Characterizing Melted Snow Table by AAStudio

Designers never stops to amaze us (in a good way) with their exuberant creativity when it comes to furniture design. Even the most trivial item of furniture such as table, which you expect to have its common appearance, they have sometimes the ability to transform them into beautiful works of art. Take for example this intriguing yet innovative and interesting Melted Snow Table worth of a scenario that we have decided to share with you. It’s not a table that you see everyday, but something original and contemporary which also symbolizes everyday life.

In fact this was the main idea when Romanian-based design studio – AAStudio – designed this table with such a creative design. This is why   it showcases a unique capacity of becoming the focal point in a modern space, for example. To achieve this piece which resembles a rock formation covered with snow like the mountains, designers have combined stratified wood and Corian. Very strong material,  non-toxic and non-porous, the Corian could easily take that shape through a thermoforming process, a shape suggesting the snow that covers the table, while laminate wood acts as a stone,  stylized in a raw form which also gives an interesting  texture.

Photos: ©  Cornel Lazia.


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