Modern Meets Victorian Heritage: Shakin Stevens House in Melbourne

Shakin’ Stevens House is a private renovated property located in Melbourne, Australia which draws attention through a fabulous combination of volumetric architecture, contemporary interior design and Victorian heritage. The residential project designed by design based Melbourne practice  Matt Gibson Architecture + Design Pty Ltd  is the result of an inventive plan based on the client’s wish to have a house connected with “green” space, more spacious and more functional indoor spaces where the color palette should be predominantly white with a green highlight.

When we look at Shakin’ Stevens House, one can observe is a two-faces property, an interesting detail which gives it a truly original appearance. Viewed from the front, the house has retained its Victorian heritage where a bright green door create a strong contrast with full white background, while viewed from the back it appears as a modern, open and free-flowing house composed of three white cubes that look like dices. Outdoors and indoors interact in a very functional way, providing a wonderful continuation throughtout the structure,  achieved by reducing internal walls and doors to an absolute minimum.

 Thus, the newer space is visually extended, bigger, light filled, more functional through separation of sleeping zones and a flexible living zone that it can be upsized (externally). Colour was a vital strategy in adding glow and clarity to this expression on a number of levels. The house modern interior design is very inviting, suggesting clarity, freshness, very close to nature due to predominantly white and green tones completed with warm tones. The green spaces found both inside and outside the house became the focus with the white cubes acting as lens for these events, dissolving barriers of enclosure- the same idea of flow and continuity.

Photos: © Shannon McGrath.


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