Creative Ideas to Brighten up Your Office Space

When we think about brightening up an office space, we tend to think about lighting and splashes of colour. Fair enough. However, as many people find, growing space issues and clutter can turn any place into a stressful mess and become a drab interior. Have you ever noticed how bright your office looks just by clearing surfaces? Whether you work from home or in a corporate environment, there are creative and workable solutions that you can integrate into an office setting.

Colourful Canvas Art


Ok, yes, we are talking about the “splashes of colour” part. Purchasing a canvas print IS a great way to brighten up a drab office instantly. In fact, why stop at one? You could switch a print to a different one every couple of months or sooner. Who says that you have to look at the same picture time after time? Go further! With services that can take your pictures to a new level, you can have custom, lightweight artwork that can work well on your walls. These can be pictures that motivate you to work harder, such as pictures of your children, or a beautiful shot of a desired travel destination. Have a new goal? Switch up your wall art.

NASA Green

Most of us have heard about the NASA study on how certain plants can clean and filter our air. While not an exhaustive list, look at the Flamingo Lily (indoor and partial sunlight), the Peace Lily (grows best in the shade), the Money Plant (indoor and outdoor plant), the Snake Plant (indoor and outdoor) and the Spider Plant (indoor and outdoor). For those who enjoy this greenery, ensure you give the plant the appropriate light.

Office Fit Out

This process encompasses planning and executing the actual move to incorporating overall office solutions via planning, designing, building and other facilitators to achieve a fully integrated custom office space. This is typically done when an office locates to a new space. There is a floor budget level and can go higher according to needs, wants and monetary constraints.

Typically, office fit out quotes are provided in terms of per square foot and office personnel. Details can include raising the floor to run wiring to install custom lighting throughout the office. The roof may be altered, if feasible, to allow more natural light. Some offices may have installed moveable partitions to divide one large meeting room into more and smaller rooms. The design will be well thought out to meet current and future needs.

Clutter and More Clutter

Clutter can get to even the most unaware individual after time, especially when finding things becomes a major cuss-filled event. A lot of disorder arises from work-in-progress files and materials laying around. However, rest assured there are multiple custom-made storage solutions for the home or regular office. These can be filing cabinets made of different depths and lengths for your needs. The best part is that this furniture can be on wheels (do get the wheels!). The cabinet can be close by when needed and then stored out of your way after.

If you require binders and books to be on hand, there is such a thing as a revolving three-tiered bookshelf for a desk or counter-top. Again, this can be a custom-made item that can be made taller to be floor-length. This is a great space saver and is suitable for storing various other items.

Interchangeable Modules Work Wonders

If you work from home or are in an unaccommodating office space as far as plug-ins are concerned, consider investing in a dock square(s) with interchangeable modules. You purchase a modular bar and then buy individual interfacing components to fit into the bar. These parts can be singular-function or have a couple of functions per module. The dock square is plugged into a wall socket and can then rest on any surface or attach to a wall. For example, you could have a couple of LAN lines in one module next to ethernet switches or a multi-HDD socket and a module with a special plug-in socket.

Also, there are modules available that can interface with devices that originate outside of the UK. This would be a workable solution for those who do business internationally. This allows the location of office equipment in areas that make more sense for function and visual appeal. It would also allow for more practical lighting where needed and interfacing requirements.


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