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It was our new start-up company, which we were going to shift in an office space. All of us were really excited for the same and since our work was of fashion wear and accessories, the space needed to be designed accordingly.

I could have done the interior designing of the office but the continuous arrivals of orders from our clients and the hectic office shifting process was quite tiring for me and my partners which gradually led us to rethink that what we should do about the Interior Designing of the office.


Sanjay and Aman was quite sure that it would be impossible for me to make time out of the hectic schedule to do the interior designing of the whole office space and so they suggested me to search the best interior designers in Bangalore, so that she would be responsible for making everything perfect and alluring in the office. I too loved the idea of hiring a professional as you cannot really compete with the professional who has so many years of experience in the specific field of interior designing. The idea was indeed great, but finding the best among the average designers was quite tough and I really felt that alone, I would be unable to find the professional.

I asked Aman to help me with finding the one we were looking for. He started the hunt with surfing through the various websites which claimed to be the best platforms to hire the service providers and few of the new launches too, but that was all in vain as we were unable to find any of the eye catching portfolios with any of the professionals listed there.

He then suggested that we can send someone to visit the designing studios, in order to look for the best interior designers in Bangalore. I declined his proposal as I knew that it will be consuming a lot of time and would not be fruitful, if we will be unable to find the one.

UrbanClap brought us the one we needed

Aman was really stressed as he was unable to keep his promise of finding the interior designer and just came to my cabin with his head hung. I asked him not to worry and told him to sit and have a coffee together. We sat and started discussing about how he was unable to find anyone quite good in this profession. Just to distress him I told him to switch on the TV and asked him to tune up any of the music channels he would love to watch. Aman was happy that he was saved but I was really worried. I knew he tried his best in finding the best interior designers in Bangalore but was unable to bring one.

He tuned M TV and as soon as he put down the remote on table, an advertisement was streamed. The advertisement was of an application named UrbanClap and it was showing a lady who called a professional at her home to do her grooming. The ad too depicted that we can find any service provider there on the app and that made me search the application on the Google Play store of my smart phone. Soon, I found the app there with very good ratings and amazing reviews which compelled me to click on the download button. Within no time, the app was installed on the device and I just clicked on the open button to explore the app. As soon as the app was opened, it required me to get registered on the app and the same took me few more seconds to fill few of the required details to get me registered on the same.

Just after that, I started receiving the welcome messages and welcome mails from the UrbanClap team asking me to get the required service provider. By that time, I asked Aman to sit with me and just help me in what I was proceeding with. I searched for the best interior designers in Bangalore and a list with number of professionals was displayed on my smart phone’s screen. Aman was already shocked seeing this huge list and was surprised yet happy for the success we just had. We was a bit confused at first about hiring the one we wanted but soon we realised that each of the professionals had his ratings and reviews which they received from their previous clients.

How to find the best professional in town?

Finding the best interior designers in Bangalore became a cake walk for us after discovering the UrbanClap app. The app is genuinely awesome and is very easy to use. While finding the one we needed for designing our work space, we compared the ratings which they received from their previous clients and shortlisted few of them. Next to that, we started reading each and every review they received from their clients and after so much of concentrated reading, we again shortlisted few of the professionals from the already sorted professionals.

Now was the time to send the personal messages to the professionals, whom we shortlisted from the huge list. We sent them personal messages and mails asking them to quote their prices for the range of services we required from them. We were pleased to receive the reply mails from them very soon and that too with full fledged, eye catching and alluring portfolios. For a moment, I just fell for one of the portfolios and decided to hire the professional having the same portfolio. I called her and asked her, if she could have come down to our office for a normal site visit and a face to face meeting. She was quite comfortable with the same and promised her visit the very next day. Now both of us, me and Aman were relieved from the task of getting the best interior designers in Bangalore to design and decorate our office space.

Why download UrbanClap?

I would personally recommend UrbanClap as I found the best among all the interior designers in Bangalore from this app and it was quite easy. The whole process of hiring the professional just took two days and that too at the ease of sitting on a chair. Even the professional we got from the application turned out to be the best and she along with her team seriously made the work space an ideal work space to work in. I was really happy with the knowledge and ethics of Miss Swati Gupta and the dedication of her whole team from Valencia Interiors.

The whole team of Valencia Interiors is highly recommended by me to all those who are willing to get a serious renovation of either their personal place or work spaces. They indeed deserve 5 stars for their dedication, knowledge and punctuality. I am really thankful to the whole team for turning my work space into the one I always wanted to work in. All the employees turned lively after this renovation and the work is really going smooth for me as an employer. I am really thankful to the whole team of UrbanClap for such a great initiative.


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