Creative Lighting Design Inspired by The Nuclear Accident in Fukushima

Designers get inspired by lots of things, but have you ever heard of someone inspired by the disatruous nuclear accident in Fukushima? As far as we know, we haven’t seen before a lighting design or other product inspired by such situation. Meltdown lamp, envisioned by the talented young Swedish designer Johan Lindsten for the famous Italian brand Cappellini, wants to be something beautiful related to that period. Launched on January 2013, during the Imm Cologne fair, Meltdown confirms designer’s inclination for contemporary and avant-garde design. With a spherical form, its thin coloured glass, hand blown in a mold, reflects beautifully the light, creating a pleasant and delightful atmosphere.

The disaster is mirrored in this beautiful, distinctive ceiling lamp where the process already begun and the bulb are about to melt through the last protection of the glass. It can be used as a grape or in the liniar way, as you can see in these wonderful pictures, each one of the spherical glass having a diameter of 285 mm. Versatile and stylish, original-looking Meltdown can be used in various contemporary settings, adding an attractive industrial touch. Dove, pink, tobacco, light blue, amethyst and amber are the colors available for it.






Photos © Cappellini

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