Creative Wallpapers Collection for Kids Room by Tres Tintas

Catalan firm Tres Tintas Barcelona in collaboration with designer Juancris Vera have developed a new charming and creative wallpapers collection for the world of children’s decor entitled “Patchwall”. The collection involves much more than simple designs to decorate, they feature 8 original and childish geometric forms which embodies figures like flowers, robots, girls, boys, nests, trains, castles, etc.

Created exclusively for kids’ room, the new” Patchwall” collection are designed not only to beautify your child room but also to have an educational and creative role for them. It helps stimulate their imagination, an important factor in their development.  These creative wallpapers would  surely brighten the kids’ world and turn the dullest room into an instant joyful one. Do you like them?

Photos: © Tres Tintas Barcelona.


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