Laser-Cut Steel Fruit Bowls by DesignedMade

Fruit bowls are not only beautiful decorative items to dress and complete a table, but also are a great way of displaying fresh fruits and encouraging people to take some. There are many and different concepts of fruit bowls which can hold fruits in an attractive and unique way, so only you have to do is to choose one of them. Today, we want to show you other beautiful examples of fruit bowl designs than we have presented so far in our previous post “20 Delightful Fruit Bowls with Creative Designs“.

These ones are launched in 2009 and 2011 (Molecular Bowl) by British brand DesignMade, which develops striking products that celebrate the skill, knowledge and dedication involved in every stage of their creation and combine the vision of a younger generation with the skills and expertise of traditional producers.

Signed by designer Jonathan Krawczuk  and made from laser-cut steel and powder coat as finish to the highest standards in Britain, DesignedMade’s family of fruit bowls have 5 members and display a simple graphic, yet engaging designs, classic and contemporary in the same time. Their various interesting and colored patterns add an unexpected sense of depth and perspective, creating the intriguing illusion of an undulating surface and a swirling optical effect that contrast nicely with soft shapes of the fruits.


Globe Bowl



Meshed Bowl



Squared Bowl



Cubic Bowl



Molecular Bowl

Photos: © Hilary Walker, The Science Museum.


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