Customized Vinyl Backdrops – Improves The Look Of Your Final Product

Mostly made out of PVC material, the vinyl backdrop is always more flexible, easy to clean and also portable between shoots. So, carrying them around from one location to another seems to be an easy task to achieve.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

These backdrops are really durable and strong, and you can opt for the matte customized backdrops, known to be glare-free. 

Even it is really very simple to store the vinyl backdrops as you can just hag those horizontally in storage rack. If you are a photographer and planning to purchase quality backdrops in the most economical cost, then always opt for vinyl backdrop for a change.

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

Sometimes going on with the polyester version:

If you don’t think vinyl is your cup of tea, then heading for the polyester backdrop will serve the purpose well. These fabrics are somewhat better than vinyl counterpart because they are washable, and also durable when compared to vinyl material. Another interesting part is that the polyester fabrics are quite resistant to maximum chemicals.

Penyulap, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Which one to choose now?

Now, you are pretty confused between vinyl and polyester backdrops and don’t know which one to focus at. Check out the points mentioned below to help come up to the best decision.

  • You cannot store the vinyl banners indoor by folding as that will cause wrinkles and even shrinkage. Well, the polyester one can be folded and then stored in any form needed.
  • For cleaning up vinyl backdrop, you can to use the wipe and clean policy. On the other hand, polyester backdrops are completely washable. So, that makes it more tiring to clean a polyester backdrop.
  • However, the polyester backdrop will be resistant to tears and wear. You can’t say the same for the vinyl one.
  • Moreover, the glossy vinyl backdrop is not meant for casual vents, but for major photography sessions. The glossy version of it might reflect in camera flash. That’s when you need polyester fabric, which will absorb the flash and not reflect it.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
  • Make sure to store the vinyl backdrop in rolled manners or you can hang them to avoid wrinkles. But, here you have liberty with the polyester one. You can store it in any way or manner you want.

If you think about it, each product has its fair share of pros and cons. Now, it is up to you to ensure which one you plan to choose. It solely depends on your requirements and price value. Every kind of backdrop has its own share of benefits involved. So, make sure to learn what you want first before making the final decision.

Opaque than other fabrics:

Another interesting factor about vinyl backdrop is that it is opaque than fabric. So, that helps in adding an extra level of vibrancy to the photos and their colors. Moreover, as vinyl is durable, it can withstand the harsh outdoor condition easily. The costing is also not that high when compared to polyester option. But, you will need a separate storing platform when it comes to vinyl backdrops. So, be sure to keep that point in mind.


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