10 Awesome Ways to Design a Closet for Small Bedrooms

When you have a small bedroom, your closet is one place that gets cut down in area size. If you deem yourself a fashionista, it can be tricky to work with a small bedroom closet.

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However, there is no need to be dissatisfied. That’s because there are plenty of hacks that you can do to design a wardrobe that works best even with a small bedroom.

Here are ten ideas that can get you started making the most out of your small bedroom closet.

Declutter your space

Any time you’re interested in designing a small space, it’s best to start by decluttering first, according to Planet Maids House Cleaning NYC.

For smaller rooms, especially where every bit of space counts, decluttering is a critical step. This ensures that you have as much area to work with when coming up with design ideas.

Get rid of any clothing pieces that you don’t even wear anymore. An excellent way to figure out which ones to get rid of is to ask yourself if they fit you or if you’ve worn them any time at all for the past year.

Once you get rid of your unwanted clothing items, you’ll find that you have much more space to work with than you thought before.

Organize by type

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One way to make your closet design look more stylish and luxurious even with a limited space to work with is by organizing it well.

Having a system of organization for your closet can help elevate it to the next level. You’ll love looking at it over and over again once you put that system into place.

That said, a reliable way to organize your items in the closet is by organizing them based on what type of item they are.

Grouping jackets with jackets or handbags with handbags is a simple system of organizing closet items. However, it will make it easier to find clothing items while also keeping your closet looking clean and nice.

Store items seasonally

It would be best to consider changing how your closet items are organized depending on their season. It ensures that you fix and organize your closet on a semi-regular schedule so that disorganization doesn’t slowly creep into the closet.

Aside from that, it will be more convenient for you to find the clothing pieces that are most appropriate for the weather.

Remember the floor space

When you have long-hanging clothes all over the closet, it can make it harder for you to use the floor space in the closet. Instead of hanging these long-hanging clothing pieces all over the place, it might be better to leave them on the other end of the hanging rack.

Organizing things this way ensures that the shorter hanging clothes will leave enough space on your closet floor for you to use. You can add storage solutions to the floor space of your closet so that you can store more items in it.

Make use of the doors

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Your closet doors’ design can contribute to aesthetics and the additional storage space for your closet. Make use of it if you still aren’t, as that is wasted space.

Instead of opting to hang your clothes, you can instead use that space to install plenty of storage solutions. Preferable for clothing pieces like accessories.

You can also add hooks or hook racks for hanging things other than clothes. For example, you can use that extra space to hang belts, hats, and scarves.

When installing hooks or a hook rack, use an adhesive instead of screwing it on or nailing anything to your closet door. That way, you won’t have to damage the outside of your closet door to hang anything on it.

Utilize modular shelving

Modular shelving is a great way to ensure as much flexibility as possible in your closet.

You can use a modular shelving system so that it can adapt to how you want to organize your closet. Plus, the inside of your closet looks more organized when it seems each section or category of items has a dedicated shelf that’s just the right size for it.

With modular shelving, you ensure that each closet shelf is just right for whatever it holds, so you’re utilizing every area possible in your closet.

Use matching baskets or bins

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Adding matching baskets and bins in the closet can help section of each item category in the closet. When your containers match, your clothes look a lot neater, and their consistency in style also makes your wardrobe look stylish and luxurious. It works even if your matching baskets or bins don’t cost that much.

Add another hanging rod

Most of the time, a closet space comes with a default single closet rod. Don’t feel like you have to abide by a single hanging rod when you have more clothes that need hanging. Install another hanging rod if you can. That simple addition can help you add more items to hang in your closet and free up shelving space as well.

Use slim hangers

Replacing your current hangers with slimmer hangers can make a huge difference in reducing space inside your closet. You may think that this does not have much of an effect, but you’ll see just how much hanging rod space frees up when you have slimmer hangers to use.

Put your shoes in the corner

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If you have a small reach-in closet, the best place to put your shoes or shoe rack in would be at the corner of the closet. It would be even better if you get yourself a rotating shoe rack or organizer to get the pair of footwear you want quickly.

These ten ways can help you get a great closet design even if you feel constrained by the size of your bedroom. All of these are adaptable, no matter what your current closet design may be.

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