Decoration with geometric shapes

Today another great detail that certainly will give your home a twist and above what we can do ourselves. This is decorating the walls with geometric shapes….. and see how we can get spectacular results. …

Geometric shapes have always been a recurring element in the decoration, can achieve attractive spaces.

The decorations with geometric shapes never go unnoticed and give your home a different effect and full of personality.


Perfect for Different Styles

Geometric shapes can be part of the decor in many ways, from the prints on textiles, wallpaper or to independent decorative elements. We must be careful when using them, because if we put too many figures in our home, all you get will be recharged stay.geometri-shapes-1

Colors and Basic Elements

The colors are also a key part of this decoration, because we use contrasts. However, if we do it contrasts too strong, we lose harmony and only get a disastrous composition.

Ideally, the colors chosen are mostly neutral and one flashier to stand out from others.

Ideas to Decorate a Wall

  • Use a painting or an isolated composition painted directly on a wall that has a neutral color plain paper.
  • The diamonds, squares or even combinations of straight lines, get a sober, elegant atmosphere.
  • The circles can get a retro effect, soft, sweet and can be perfect for decorating children’s rooms.
  • Combine contrasting forms: furniture of straight lines with other circular elements or spherical, or vice versa.

As always, you just need a little imagination and good taste.

There are many options to decorate our walls, but one that is slowly gaining more followers is geometric shapes. They are able to give a best dynamic home look to the walls, giving personality, character and modernity.

If you like the idea and are looking for suggestions, than here is a large gallery with images of walls decorated with geometric shapes that can serve as a source of inspiration. Squares, circles, diamonds or straight lines will give a whole new air into your home.

In addition to a fresh air, this kind of wall decoration usually gives the home a contemporary touch .The way to create this type of walls can be through painting or through wallpaper. I especially recommend you the second option, with which we will ensure perfect results.

But if you run away from the conventions, you have skill and you do not mind that the result is 100% perfect, the choice of paint will give even more personal touch to the walls.

You can also choose an option for more light than before, this introduce these shapes through accessories wall like paintings or posters. The effect is striking, although the impact is much smoother.

In addition to the forms we choose, the Color of these mark the look of the room. You can give a refined touch but slightly cheeky if you decant by pastel colors or fully animated style with striking shapes and colors live.



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