Digital Walls, an Exciting New Way to Create Unique Spaces

Designing digital walls is an exciting new practice which has developed in recent years very much. We all know that nowadays almost any desire you have in terms of designing interiors, it can be accomplished with money and the right experts. The possibilities to create unique inspiring spaces and customized environments are practically endless, particularly if we mention also the latest techniques which allows you to achieve high-quality results on a wide range of applications.


” Only your imagination can be your limit” as say those from Designtex, a company that is dedicated to bring us innovative digital imaging solutions for surfaces like walls to help us design our own  vision, our own unique environment. Digital walls can radically transform any dull space whether we talk about institutions, corridors, lobbies, companies, etc., into impactful spaces that evoke emotion, convey brand essence, or sell a lifestyle. Isn’t that amazing? We confess you we love very much these ideas of using digitally printed wallcoverings to complement walls with captivating images, especially because it creates dimension and depth to a space.


Using environmentally friendly materials, state-of-the-art digital imaging systems and having an experienced design staff, Designtex is surely to translate any rough sketches into high-performance final artwork. You can choose from a wide range of wallcoverings which are  PVC-free, contain recycled content, or are recyclable, so besides the fact that it’s an easy and affordable way to enhance your company’s space, it’s also eco-friendly. Here are some images with examples of digital walls from the company’s portofolio. Take a look!





Photos: © Designtex.

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