The Loft Restaurant by Joey Ho Design

Opened in 2011 in Hong Kong, The Loft restaurant is an invitation to a stylish and tasteful eating experience in a captivating space. Designed by Hong Kong based design studio Joey Ho Design, The Loft is part of the re-branding series for the Italian chain Spaghetti House and its concept is based on the corporate strategy of being served in a “house”, to have an idyllically homely dining experience. The loft-style is what characterises this charming restaurant, which is an interesting fusion of old and new elements, cozy and modernly ones.


The Loft restaurant’s spacious open-space is defined by a minimalist design where everything matches very well creating that home-like mood which the designers wanted to achieve it. Chic and clever combination of wood, bricks and polished concrete, black and brown tables and  cozy long bench sofas along with accessible bar, coffee tables, bookshelves filled with books and photo frames make the entire background of this distinctive loft. The bright combination of black, white and red colors give dimension and create a playful game of strong contrasts. Not to mention the sketched graphics of domestic scenes designed on the walls and ceilings, which ensures the uniqueness of this discreetly luxurious interior.







Photos: © Joey Ho Design Limited.


Project details:

Designer: Joey Ho Design Limited
Client: Cafe de Coral Holdings Limited
Location: Shop G20, Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong
Size: 3927 square feet
Year: 2011