DIY—Fix Your Noisy AC

Your air conditioner will run with very little noise most of the time. Other times your system may get quite noisy all of a sudden and you’re not sure what has happened. There are a variety of things that can cause a noisy unit and you can try to fix them yourself. Some items may require you to call your air conditioning repair technician. Either way a noisy machine can become quite an annoyance.


Check out these few DIY areas where you can fix your noisy air conditioning unit. Always remember if you’re in doubt, call the technician out.

Loose Screws

When your system is running it vibrates the entire time. This is normal and just how the system runs. With all this vibration it can shake some of the screws loose in the system that hold panels and items together. One of the things to look for when your system is getting louder is these loose screws. Turn off the system before going into it with your tools. Check to see that all screws are tight and fitting properly. When they are tightened the noise should reduce if this was the main issue in the unit.

Lubrication Issues

When your motor is in need of lubrication you may hear a grinding noise coming from the unit itself. By putting oil in the oil port of the system, you can reduce this friction and noise coming from the unit. It is recommended you do this at the beginning of each summer to make sure your unit is running properly and smoothly. .

Fan Noises

Sometimes your fan can be the culprit of the noise coming from your unit. When this is the problem it could be several different issues going on with the fan.

First see if all the fan blades are straight. If any of the blades are bent even slightly, it can cause a noise in the unit. Once you know the blades are straight, there are a few other issues it could be.

The fan could have debris in front of or around it. Make sure that any obstacles are out of the fan and that it is cleaned on a regular basis. This will help prevent the noise as well.

Are the fan blades loose? This can cause a rattling or noise to be coming from the unit a well. Use a screwdriver or Allen wrench to tighten the blades back down and that should also stop the noise going on.

Coil Fins

One other area to check when your system is noisy is the coil fins. This could be that something has gotten in the coil fin unit and it just needs to be cleaned. You can use your vacuum to clean it out easily. A coil fin may also be bent and it can cause noise as well. You can straighten those out with a fin comb.

These are just a few of the noises and cause that your air conditioner may become noisy this summer. By taking care of these issues you can prevent major air conditioner repair later on. Remember to always have regular maintenance run on the systems so you can easily keep the system for years to come. By scheduling annual maintenance you can insure your system will be around and that it will keep your home cozy and comfortable all summer long.

Call your HVAC technician today to schedule your maintenance. Don’t forget these DIY hacks for keeping the noise down as well. You can repair some of the problems yourself but remember to know when to call someone in.


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