The Wood Galleries Encourages Exploration of the Great Outdoors

Like a breath of fresh air, this showcased property by The Wood Galleries uses reclaimed oak hardwood flooring to capture the essence of nature and create a unique space that encourages a more open, free-range application of interior design.

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This home in Richmond, Surrey sets the stage for comfort and relaxation while surrounded by ambient lighting and a dusky palette that perfectly lends itself to an enchanting evening.


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The open floor plan is designed to be both spacious and accommodating, perfectly capturing the lighter hues of a sun-washed morning while providing plenty of natural light to enhance the mood.

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Fitted lights provide fresh lighting that’s designed to accentuate, rather than overwhelm, the area.

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Earthy wooden planks provide the perfect backdrop to a quaint breakfast nook, which leads out to an expansive patio area.

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Minimalist style furnishings complete the theme by mimicking carefully honed branches, encompassing all the subtlety and nuances of nature.

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An expansive dining area bucks the traditional look of separate rooms to seamlessly flow from one area to another.Great -Outdoors5


In this case, the flooring isn’t designed to take center stage, but neither are the furnishings. Rather it’s the outdoors that provides a stark contrast of color against the beiges, browns and mauves to accentuate the focus toward the outdoors

The flooring is protected against fading thanks to a clear coat of silk natural oil, which also gives it a quiet luster. Natural grains and whorls are offset by chunky geometric patterns leading to the upstairs area.

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Muted tones of indoor décor encourage nature to be the canvas. Rather than peppering the walls with photos and paintings, the designer has elected to create a disparate and distinctive antithesis while still capturing much of the unbridled spirit of the outdoors. Chunky geometric corners with sharp angles provide a direct contrast to the free-flowing patterns of nature.

According to The Wood Galleries founder, Gary Victory, reclaimed oak flooring was chosen to “whet one’s appetite for carefree openness and freedom.” He continued, “It brings a hint of warmth and serenity to an otherwise starkly contrasted interior. “

Uncomplicated in its simplicity, the flooring together with the natural light and muted color scheme create a focal path to the patio and backyard area without the jarring interruption of walls, doorways or arches.




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