Dynamic and Unrealistic Interior Design by Irojekham Architects

Located in Gwanggyo Mountains, South Korea, the Ja Ann Jai house designed by Irojekham Architects is a great architecture, because of its unique design.


Ja Ann Jai house architecture concept consists of introducing the ingenious glass boxes of light, which resolve the problem of the bad solar condition of the house. Actually, these glass boxes of light will absorb the useful sunlight. But beside being the perfect solution, the glass boxes of light are planted with trees and plants which brings the green natural landscape making part of the house.


These days the interior home environment plays a very fundamental role in creasing the comfort and stability of a family, so that’s why we think the Ja Ann Jai house brings to light the best of modern architecture style and the dynamic and unrealistic interior design.

interior design

As you can see from the photos, the interior design is stunning. The Ja Ann Jai house has a dynamic interior space successfully combined with these wonderful floating glasses, which gives the impression that there is a garden in every room, some pieces of heaven and that’s why it represents one of the best ecological environment  interior house design.



 source: Ja Ann Jai house


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