Futuristic Coffee Table by Christopher Duffy

Over time coffee tables become one of the important pieces of the interior design, every family having at least one in its living room. If we look closer, coffee tables represent today a piece of history, a part of the rich culture of modern design, adopted by many societies over time.


Today on the market there are many possibilities of coffee tables designs and for any budget that you can choose to decorate you home as you like. If you want to find the perfect coffee table for your home interior design decoration and of course for your own comfort, then you have to consider these next advice and proposals for coffee tables.

First of all, you need to know that besides the coffee table design, you should look carefully to the quality of the materials. The coffee tables must by strong to last in time. Another tip is to look at the size of the coffee table, because it has to be in a balance with the rest of the furniture, it should fit perfectly with the pair of sofas, and to do that it is important before buying the coffee table from the market, to measure it and compare it with other furniture and see if they fit together. Also important are the texture, the style and of course the color of it, because it represents the centerpiece of the living room.

baloons under glass

One great proposal for a modern and futuristic coffee table is the Up coffee table designed by Christopher Duffy from Duffy London studio.

The designer inspiration for creating this wonderful and unique coffee table design is the illusion of levitation, an original idea. The Up coffee table is made by hand, in a limited collection. The materials for creating the Up coffee table are: toughened Glass, metal resin composite, toughened steel rods.


The yellow balloons are the base of the table which supports the glass, continued with the toughened steel rods, an ingenious idea. The transparency of the glass combined with this materials give a wonderful aspect to the Up coffee table that for sure this masterpiece can find a place in your living room.



source: Up coffee table



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