Exquisite Patchwork Furniture with a Modern Twist

If you’re a fan of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces, charmed by hand-crafted furniture with original exuberant designs, then the fabulous collection of patchwork furniture envisioned by talented British designer Lisa Whatmough  will surely be on the top of your next wishes’ list for your home. Although we’re not so keen on things related to vintage style or patchwork furniture, we truly fell in love instantly with these extraordinary, hippy-chic pieces which could brighten up any dark corner. A fusion of fashion and the decorative Arts, this world of premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted furniture and home accessories full of bold, vivid colors originates in designer passion for textiles and her British design sensibility.

Using scraps of modern and vintage upholstery fabrics, she creates unique, magnificent pieces with quality construction in classic styles with a modern twist,  making each one individual. Amazing textures and cheerful fabrics are collaged together in her own personal style  forming gorgeous focal items such as patchwork sofas, chairs, chaises, stools, dining chairs, beds, which can truly be called pieces of contemporary art work. No wonder the quality of these furniture pieces since it’s invested almost 12 weeks for a single product. Lisa Whatmough has created a clear visual signature, most of the collection can be ordered in palettes of your choice with upholstery available in bespoke sizes, specific widths, depths and with or without seat cushions. Fabrics used include woven silks, velvets and printed and woven cottons. Need some more patchwork items? Visit her company’s website, Squint Limited.








Patchwork-chaise-by-Lisa-Whatmough-01 Patchwork-chaise-by-Lisa-Whatmough-02

Photos © Squint Limited

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