Modern Bathroom Designs

Among some many design styles, modern bathroom designs are very popular nowadays and many of us choose to shape their dream bathroom space using this style. For some of us it’s a matter of taste but certainly for others it’s the fact that is fashionable. No matter which side you are, it is important to like what you create and feel good in that environment after a  busy working day. No wonder it’s said that the design is an extension of our taste. It’ really makes sense.


Renovating or upgrading a bathroom isn’t as hard as many people may think, but undoubtedly not a very easy thing especially when you want to obtain a real transformation throughout the design. The idea is that if you know from the begining what you want to achieve, what the end result should look like, then the process of designing it is much easier. Bathrooms have become very important spaces in our homes over time and they receive a quite special attention after all. These days, a wide range of innovative products help us to create our dream bathroom that can be both functional and fashionable, sometimes even a veritable spa, a sanctuary in your own home where one can completely relax. Modern design style is all about simplicity, strong lines, striking geometric shapes and artistic flair.

Space, style and comfort defines modern bathrooms nowadays, where less is more and all furnishings and decorative accessories should have a practical purpose. What you must know is that the modern design style isn’t just for spacious bathrooms, you can create a modern environment even in a small space; it’s all about how creative you are in using it. There are certain elements to consider when designing a modern bathroom such as colors, finishes, architecture (shapes) and artwork.  This style celebrates minimalism, uncluttered bathrooms with smooth, clean lines, natural or neutral color schemes for walls, fabrics and furnishings- colors that promote calm and serenity. Choosing the right materials is also crucial: unpainted wood, metals, leather and natural fibers.

Sleek, polished and reflective surfaces describe better this design style and you can choose for flooring linoleum, granite or concrete, whilst stainless steel, chrome, glass or laquered finish are common accents on furniture. Heavy or ornate objects are elements that have nothing in common with this style and must not be found in such a bathroom.  Geometric and angular shapes,  art and accessories that creates artistic statements are very important and calls attention for the interior architecture. Some special pieces or interesting corners can be highlighted for a greater visual impact using spotlights.  Large, unadorned windows are perfectly to let plenty of natural light to invade the space. The new bathroom must give you an airy feel and luxurious somehow. Take a look to see some ideas.

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