Eclectic Interior Design: How to Combine Antique Rugs with Modern Furniture

When it comes to decorating an apartment, you might wonder which will be the focus element to grab the attention in each room. Most designers will agree that the rug is the piece that adds personality to the room, being both a decorative and practical object. 

Latest trends in interior decorations emphasize a new inclination towards antique rugs. Consumers opt for these rugs, as a central decorating object, since they seek a unique, creative interior design idea. Antique rugs are a central piece of the eclectic interior design. As this approach emphasizes them most creatively. 

Eclecticism is very permissive but also difficult to define as a style. Precisely because it does not have its characteristic elements, but it borrows them from other decorating styles. 

It is a generous combination that does not impose restrictions, but instead involves risks. Here are some tips and tricks on how to pair antique rugs with modern or contemporary décor avoiding a messy interior design. 

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Eclectic Style in Interior Design

It’s hard to describe what eclectic style means, and that’s precisely because it means so many things. It’s an extravagant and bold combination of shapes, symmetries, materials, and colors. And even if it may seem an unglazed composition, the decor is carefully shaped. 

Eclectic style means a very well-designed scenography where powerful pieces of design and art join to express a concept. It is a sophisticated, artistic and complex style. But this is not pleasing everyone as for some of us the eclectic interior design is too theatrical. 

This decorating approach defines the tendency to choose, from different styles, those elements that are considered to be representative. 

Concretely, interior designs in eclectic style can be combinations of minimalism, classicism, and retro. And this, precisely because this style combines disparate elements of different genres and tries to bring them into the same decor, to create homogeneity between them.

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Antique rugs – a central piece in Eclecticism

Eclectic style implies a symbiosis of styles and elements of different epochs and neutral colors in the background to avoid noisy décor. Therefore, the vivid, colorful patterns of antique rugs are the central piece in a minimalistic, modern décor. 

However, the rug is not an important decorating object only when it comes to eclecticism. Since antiquity, the rugs have been a fundamental condition of any interior decoration style promoting comfort. Moreover, thick rugs offer good sound and thermal insulation. 

If you want to enjoy all these benefits, here is what you should look for when buying antique rugs for modern furniture

  1. Look out for a mix of patterns and comfort.

In this rushing world, characterized by rough materials and progressive technologies, people feel the need to escape in simple and comfortable things. Antique rugs bring that inner balance and soul harmony in modern interior design.

Many individuals opt for a comfortable interior design created by a rug. They look for that cozy texture that is so pleasant to walk barefoot. If with this comes also an attractive pattern, then you are closer to creating a dream home. 

For example, you can choose among antique Oriental or Persian rugs. These offer a great deal of comfort as they mostly combine wool, silk, and cotton.  Their vivid patterns will harmonize well neutral or pastel-colored modern design. To add a drop of uniqueness, you can choose the color palette based on your personality or beliefs. 

For example, the traditional colors of Turkish rugs are all red and beige-brown. The red color and its various shades symbolize joy, luck and wealth, while beige-brown tones are symbols of peace and quiet.

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  1. Contrast is the key if chosen properly.

Contrast has an important role in this eclectic style. But the antique rugs and chosen furniture must have a common denominator to avoid kitsch. 

If you want to redecorate the living room, designers recommend buying the rug first. All pieces of furniture will then be chosen depending on it. The dominant colors in the antique rug should exist here and there, in the furniture’s design or accessories. In this way, you will unify the decor in a visually pleasing manner.

  1. Add character but avoid kitsch. 

Antique rugs are an excellent way to add character, style, and personality to any room. Nothing adds more identity and comfort to the interior decoration than a rug with various ornaments. However, due to their bright, vibrating patterns and big dimensions, there is a thin line between stylish and kitsch. 

A safe way to avoid turning your rooms into a mess is to opt for deep and rich but warm colors. You can combine these with dynamic lines and symmetric patterns to create an unforgettable impression in a good sense.

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  1. Do not look for cheap antique rugs or you will waste time. 

Handmade antique rugs have a high price. But since they are unique and made from natural materials that will retain their colors for a long time (maybe hundreds of years).  Moreover, antique rugs made of wool characterized by high density, which is a quality and durability indicator. 

These types maintain an optimal microclimate in the room and effectively isolate the noise. Therefore, the price of antique rugs is rather an investment than an expense.

Final Thoughts

The Eclectic style leaves room for imagination: you can combine the dark colors with light ones, you can mix rustic elements with elegant décor pieces. However, as a rule of thumb, it is important to create a connection between the elements used. 

Since the antique rugs are the focus of this style, it is recommended to choose firstly the rugs and then the furniture and accessories.  Antique rugs can offer a great deal of uniqueness while blending in nicely in modern or contemporary interior design. 


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