How to shop for a new bed: Our top tips

Beds do not last forever and buying a new one can be exciting! However, most beds are a serious investment, so it needs some thought and planning. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so choosing the right bed and mattress is key to having a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling revitalised and refreshed for the day ahead. Research shows that sleeping in an uncomfortable bed can lead to poor sleep. Read our top tips to choose the right bed for you.

·  Pick the right size

Before you go our shopping for your new bed, work out what size you need. Larger beds are better if you do not want to disturb your partner or the whole family hops in from time to time. If you have a large bedroom, invest in the biggest bed that will fit comfortably but always ensure you have ample room around your bed to move around and for other furniture, like bedside tables and wardrobes. If you sleep on your own, you do not automatically need to go for a single bed. If you have the space, you may wish to spread out into a double.

·  Try before you buy

It is always an excellent idea to try a mattress before you buy it. Retailers like Snug Interiors allow you the opportunity to visit the showroom and browse a selection of beds and talk to bed experts about your requirements. We are all different, with unique preferences and sleeping positions, so you will need a bed that supports your build and weight. If you have a partner, ensure they come with you to test out the bed.

·  Ensure the price is right

As with everything in life, beds are available at all price points. Always shop for the best value, never the cheapest option. Consider buying the most expensive mattress and bed that you can afford. The better the bed is constructed, the more superior levels of comfort and support. Beds by Hypnos and Vispring, for example, offer the highest quality craftsmanship and luxury materials, leading to exceptional quality.

·  Buy together

It is important to purchase your bed and mattress together. The two are designed to work together, so the choice of base will affect the performance of the mattress and vice versa. If you do choose to buy these separately, always check the dimensions because they may not be the same size.

·  Give yourself time

Never go bed shopping when you are in a rush. Be sure to leave ample time to do the job properly and test as many beds as you need to find the perfect one for you.

·  Think about storage

If you are short on storage space within your bedroom, consider a divan bed with storage. These will give you plenty of extra ways to store  your personal items within your bed base.

·  Discuss delivery

Once you have bought your bed, the next step is getting your bed home. Many companies offer free delivery. Snug Interiors have a two-man white glove delivery service as standard, where they assemble your new bed in the room of your choice and take away and recycle all packaging. They can even recycle your old bed and mattress.


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