Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Pensamientos Clock Series

You’ve just renovated your bedroom, bathroom or your kitchen and you are thinking to add a fun and original touch to its design? A wall clock can be the perfect choice in terms of accessories enhancing the beauty of the space, that’s why you shouldn’t stick with a simple wall clock, but with one that add whimsy to your wall. We found this versatile Pensamientos clock series designed by 2y1dea in Colombia which delighted us by its simplicity and great use of fresh colors on an interesting patterned background. Pensamientos wall clocks are hancrafted from simple cardboard and paper being part function, part decoration.

Every clock is unique, having its own personality and tonality inspired by various stories found in different musical genres of Colombia. Their vibrant colored hands which pop against the hypnotic patterns of the circle, create a visually striking design transforming the room in an unexpected beautiful way. Looking more like a hanging decoration than a clock, Pensamientos clock’s designs will surely go great in a modern minimalist decor. For other inspirational modern ideas, check out these 10 Modern Clocks with Creative Designs by Diamantini & Domeniconi.

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