Pimkie Color Forecast

Do you like to keep up with new trends in fashion and adapt your outfits every time you go out according to these trends? Now you can have some inspiration on what to wear when you leave home thanks to Pimkie Color Forecast, a brilliant idea belonging to France-based fashion retailer Pimkie, a brand that targets young women creating international collections with a wide variety of clothing, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, in a balanced mix of lines for very day wear and the latest urban trends or party/club outfits.

Pimkie Color Forecast is a cool digital tool through which you can find in real time, online, what the colors of the moment or the hot color trends are in Europe’s fashion capitals: Milan, Paris and Antwerp, so you see the most popular color choice that people are wearing out on the streets and you can choose your colors right.

How is this information identified and shared in order to have an accurate picture? Well, the apparent simplicity of the idea is made possible by a new technology for the first time applied in a fashion and business context. Exactly, the tool runs on a software application developed by interactive artist and developer Pedro Miguel Cruz, which anonymously identify, scans, collects and analyzes every minute the key trending colors. High definition cameras installed in key locations throughout the three cities are feeding live streaming data 24/7 into the ColorTrack System which  makes compilations and then generates instantly highly detailed info-graphical design per hour, day or week of the colors that people are wearing right now.

In this manner, you don’t see what shades are worn most often, but also how trends evolve. After you have this fashion-insider view, Pimkie Color Forecast links colors directly to matched items of clothing from the Pimkie collections that consumers can buy online for home delivery or at one of over 700 Pimkie stores in Europe. In this way, as Dorothee Braure, Marketing and Digital Director of Pimkie, said “Color Forecast is a distinctive and competitive way to inspire our digital native customers in their choice of fresh fashion,” the tool is a definitely a unique idea to engage customers with the brand. The online graphics and color charts are shown in a captivating and clear design on their website, so anyone can see hat has been trending in Paris in the last few minutes for example. So, if tomorrow morning you won’t know what to wear, check out the interesting Pimkie Color Forecast.



See how Pimkie Color Forecast works

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