How to Choose Colors for a Bathroom

How to choose colors for a bathroom may be a funny and pleasant task, if you know some few simply rules about colors. As you probably know from our previous most read articles about colors The Psyhology of Color for Interior Design and How to Choose Colors for a Bedroom, choosing colors for a room is a very important stage of the process of designing or redesigning a space. Colors do more than give shape to the overall appearance of your decor, they add life and personality to it and even have the ability to influence your mood every time you enter that space. In fact, you should pay attention to each stage and nothing should be left to chance if your goal is to achieve something great that lasts in time, especially if you don’t want to change it too soon or simply you don’t have the money for that.

It’s likely that you’ll have to live with your decisions for several years. Luckly, the colors from walls are more easily to change than ceramic tiles or furnishing if we talk about bathrooms. A bathroom is a place absolutely necessary for a comfortable life where we spend a decent amount of time in it. It should be thought as a functional space which invites you to relaxation and meditation after a long busy day, so we think it deserves as much attention as any other room in our house, whether it is large or small. Besides, if we think that it’s somehow the easiest room to decorate (that doesn’t also mean it’s the cheapest), it will be a pleasure to transform a boring bathroom into an atractive and trendy one with a unique feel through the use of color.


1. Firstly, if you don’t have the help of any interior designer in choosing the best color schemes for your bathroom, than before making any choice regarding colors, think about the fact that it’s more important you like that colors and decor and feel good with them, than have it because they are trendy or shown in magazines. Because if you make choices base only on what is the hottest trends, you’ll end up next time, when other colors will be fashionable, considering your shades out of date.

2. Even if some of us think about colors in terms of white, bleu, green and sometimes earth colors for the furniture or a combination between two of them, you have to know that practically you have endless posibilities regarding the color palette of a bathroom design. It depends a lot on what you like as we said before, what style you want to achieve, how you want to feel inside and in case you have already other details, we mean you don’t do a complete renovation, then you should take them into consideration of course.

Photo © Natalie DiSalvo

3. If you have clear in mind what your bathroom should look like and you’ve decided to adopt a certain type of design style, then search on the Internet everything is related to that style and you’ll find also what color scheme do you need to accomplish that interior design. For example, a Tuscan bathroom style exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere because of deep wood tones, neutral tones, orange, rich gold ones combined with black, white or even green. If on the contrary, you don’t have anything in mind, then there are some tips you may follow .

Photo © Vanguard Studio Inc.

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4. Lighter colors will always make the space feel bigger, while darker shades do the contrary. Thus, darker colors goes very well with a large bathroom.  If you have a smaller one and you want anyway bold and darker tones, one great and extremely creative idea in order not to overwhelm the space and to accomplish your dream design is to use accents. For example, if you like red for bathroom, you’ll have to tone down the decor a little and use the bold vibrant color on one wall while matching it with a rug or flooring, shower curtains or other bathroom accessories. These splashes of colors can obviously turn it into a beautiful bathroom.


Photo © The Sky is the Limit Design

5. Even if they appear like colors that everybody uses for designing their bathrooms, green tones, blue and sometimes purple or lavender are still the best colors highly recommended for such a place and there is also a good explanation for that. All these three colors are associated with balance, harmony, comfort, soothing, creating your own spa-like bathroom. Blue produces a sense of calm, loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplation, stimulates thinking, delay hunger and prevent nightmares. Green means nature, calm, balance, security, energy, while purple is associated with fertility, serenity, calm,  giving an air of mystery. It has a long reputaion of loyalty and power, therefore it can create the feeling of a luxurious and expensive environment. Of course, you already know that they should be used considering what we’ve told before.

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6. Extremely elegant and versatile, neutral colors like grey, black, white, brown, beige, cream goes perfectly with any color, but depending on their tones they can create sometimes a dramatic contrast. To avoid that, we suggest you to choose better their lighter shades. Contrary to the opinion that neutral colors are boring, they can really create unique spaces if you tie them in with a favourite design style or theme.

7. The classical combination between black and white is timeless, as well as all white bathrooms, enduring the test of time as long as you maintain it properly. Because as we all know, white on larger surfaces requires a greater effort to keep it clean.

Photo © Dana Cohen-Vishkin

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Photo © Tim Lee; Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

8. Pay attention to match your hardware with the colors, whatever your chosen color scheme is because  we’re sure you don’t want to combine modern chrome faucet with a claw-foot tub and bronze cabinet hardware. All the elements must work together in order to create an harmonious environment. Moreover, very important also it to avoid clutter, because what is too much never make a very good impression. There are many things to say about on how to choose colors for a bathroom and  will continue with other interesting posts on this topic. Take your time to investigate a little the inspiring and imaginative bathroom images around here and get your right shades for your bathroom.  We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the final results.

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