Form Follows Function Table by Daan Mulder

Fluid dynamic lines and functionality characterize Duch designer Daan Mulder’s style, which is unconventional and highly original. As evidence, this Form Follow Function Table we show you today is a gorgeous scupltural piece or furniture which impresses by its outstanding shape showing that it’s not only functional, but also a piece of art inspired somehow from the forms found in the Grand Canyon.

Capturing a subtle elegance, this new table design features a more natural aesthetic than the previous Form Follows Function Sofa belonging to the same interesting collection, being ideal for modern homes or for those of you who have an affinity for art. Without any loose parts, the curvaceous beautiful table is made by laminating multiple layers of wood, with a thin but strong top. It’s finished with an oak veneer and then painted in an ultra matt lacquer.

 Photos © Daan Mulder

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