Enhance the Aspect of Your Outdoor Space: Artful Garden Designs

An artful garden design may be something that anyone who has a beautiful house would love to have. There are plenty of fresh outdoor landscaping ideas everywhere in magazines, on the Internet to inspire you, so if you’re looking for ideas to put them into practice this spring, we’re showing you today some conceptual gardens or how to delight the imagination and engage the senses by using patterns.

Why patterns? Because as a decorative additions to the composition of a garden, patterns are a celebration of precision concerning the more fluid shapes of nature, and they really create spaces with lot of charismatic and engaging attitude. By coming up with such brilliant landscape solutions, landscape architects are showing us that gardens can be more than outside spaces with utilitarian advantages; they can be real works of art, which contribute remarkably to the aesthetic value of our outdoor décor and our home as well. They should be regarded as an investment, as they are eventually cost effective: if you want to sell a property that you bought it with such landscaping designs be sure that people will appreciate that you’re selling them a place for soul, not just a simple house.


Photo © Hallmark Interior Design LLC

Rennaissance-inspired geometric forms with contemporary twist, rectangular pavers which creates simple an repetitious design, horizontal models linked sympathetically to the house like in the fifth picture or structural shapes like spirals, integrating patterns into the whole landscape design not only delights the eye, but also creates texture, something lasting and of unique beauty, that some classify as modern art. Even though such landscaping proposals may seem more decorative than utilitarian, these days contemporary garden designs make use of patterns as an intrinsic component of the whole scheme.

So, they are ingeniously integrated even in the most minimalist of gardens showing pure delight, especially patterns that are made to fill an open space like in the last photo. Outdoor lanscaping of this type can be achieved with the help of a professional landscape architect and can be expensive, but if you want to do something you can enjoy for many years, it certainly worth it. Take a look on some example of conceptual gardens and maybe you’ll find inspiration for your next landscaping project.

Garden-design-with- rectangular-pavers

Photo © Brion Jeannette Architecture


Photo © W. Christian Busk Landscape Architect, Inc.


Photo © Stefan Laport Landscape Architect IFLA


Photo © Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture


Photo © Christopher Yates Landscape Architecture


Photo © Ecocentrix landscape architecture


Photo © Kettelkamp & Kettelkamp

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