Keyboard-Inspired Musical Instrument Concept for Kids

Today we found this great musical instrument concept for kids among other brilliant design projects on designer Eric Pautz‘s portofolio and we’re wondering what do you think about it. With an eye-catching form inspired by a keyboard, modern interfaces,”Blu” it’s a project awarded with bronze at International Design Awards 2012, showcasing a playful manner to learn kids how to compose and understand  songs. Renderings are very detailed, so the product looks awesome from the pictures and very functional.

“Blu” features a modular mechanism with removable keys that once their positions are established, one can see the pitch and timing of the notes. Thus, the little ones can develop their sense of improvisation and timing. They will be attracted by its fashionable and colorful design and will find very exciting to play with the notes. The musical keyboard also offers other interesting characteristics like teaching hdrumow to position the pieces, drum and recording functionalities.

If you liked “Blu”, you can also check out Chomp and Rubik’s Lamp, other two awesome design projects by Eric Pautz we wrote about last year.








Photos © Eric Pautz

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