Essential Instagram strategies that you might have been neglecting for fashion business growth

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform. It is highly rated for its use of graphical posts and contents in the form of images, gifs, memes, and lifestyle posts. However, Instagram is also a place for making connections, collaborate, partner-up, and allowing a relationship to grow.

If you are in the fashion business, then Instagram is right-up your alley since you can build your brand awareness from a visual and stylistic viewpoint. You will have your audience who will tune in to every post and content with eagerness. Welcome to the new age marketing for fashion designers; Instagram.

So, how to leverage Instagram to make your fashion design business grow? Let us have a look. 


Hashtags are the ultimate deal when associating your posts with a particular category, niche, or event. The more you utilize hashtags, the better are the chances of your posts getting recognized. Hashtags will also allow you to correctly identify and connect with the media side of promotions, events, collaborators, and retailers. Making the right connections will enable your venture to flourish and grow.

Some common ways of using hashtags

  1. The first step is to do a bit of background research into how your competitors are using hashtags. You can look into the pages of potential collaborators, brands, and other independent influencers and content creators.
  1. You need to prepare a master list for all the high-value hashtags and industry-standard hashtags for reference.
  1. Always make sure that each hashtag is also supported by many related hashtags to maximize promotion and brand awareness.
  1. Additionally, keep in mind to update the relevant and popular hashtag options so that your content stays at the top of the engagement metrics at all times.  

Post regularly

Regular posts and timely posting work best for an audience base that has the potential to become global. You can start by testing out the trial times for posting and making observations about which time of the day is right for posting as far as your audience is concerned. Use data analytics to pinpoint the right time of the day accurately. The more you post consistently, the better you are at reaching a more extensive audience base. This will allow you to gain more followers, as well.

Using notifications to your advantage

Here is a suggestion for you; you can try turning on the notification for a select few people or top fans. The goal here is simple, and the strategy is as follows. If your top competitor posts an image, you can get notifications on various analytics of the post, including the number of likes and comments. It is an excellent way of doing customer research and gauging where the demand lies in the market and how you can better the product.

Additionally, when you get notification about posts from a blogger or a podcaster with whom you plan to collaborate, you can leave comments or reactions on the post. It will allow you to build relationships and connections that are vital for the survival of any venture. It is all about traffic, and content creators are always looking for avenues to generate organic traffic.

A trick with the competitor’s followers

Since you have competition, you will have access to the followers of your competitor as well. However, this is something you need to approach with care and precaution. You can check out your competitors’ followers by clicking through their profiles and trying to engage them in conversation regarding the demands in the market and the areas that need immediate attention.

Keep in mind it is not about the number of followers you can add to the list, but actually about gaining insights into the functioning of your niche or industry. Just adding random followers to your list is pointless if you are not doing the research. Keep in mind that instead of adding followers randomly, it is better if you can take time to gauge the follower and judge whether the individual is a perfect fit as your audience before engaging in conversation.

Patience and perseverance are the keys

Patience is a virtue and is very hard to find. Keep in mind that whatever strategy you employ will take a lot of time and patience. If you plan on using Instagram as your sole promotional channel, you need to put in the time and effort to build and manage the site. Keep in mind that to grow your Instagram profile, you can also buy Instagram followers and likes from a reputable third-party service. 

Keep in mind our simple tips for building a more engaging Instagram handle to boost your fashion brand. You need to do this regularly and smartly and there is no reason for you to not succeed. All the best.


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