Followers on Instagram and leverage Instagram Stories for promoting authentic connections

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has impacted life and business in ways that people couldn’t expect beforehand. From business losses, to complete office shutdowns, unstable economy to job cuts, the effects were manifold. Currently, most of us are adjusting to the pandemic phase and wishing that everything gets back to normalcy. However, businesses need to carry on with their activities. Also, brands should use the available means to promote their business and create new business connections. Currently, the online channels will help you to attain this objective. And here, Instagram has a huge role to play!

With its exciting features and vast user base, Instagram makes it easy for brands to carry on their marketing activities online. The social media engagement rates on Instagram have increased over the past few months, helping business brands maximize their follower base.

Should brands buy followers on Instagram?

How do you perceive your follower base? You might look upon them as people who find your brand credible and authentic, but they play an essential role. Your brand followers are the brand advocates who can help promote the business through likes and comments. More followers today get interpreted as a sign of credibility.

Hence, if you want to buy followers on Instagram, you need to get in touch with specialized service providers. Most of these service providers are available online, and you can check the services they provide before making a final choice. You need to know the number of followers you require and purchase the same at regular intervals. That will make your followers increase seem natural. More followers mean enjoying better brand exposure. Also, it makes your Instagram profile looks good on social media during this pandemic phase.

Making use of Instagram Story feature

Currently, in this stage of physical distancing, people can make the most of the Instagram Story feature. When you use this feature, you can create an image post or share a video with your customers, and it stays intact for 24 hours. Instagram stories are useful in fostering real connections with followers and customers. It is because this feature enables you to communicate with others engagingly and authentically.

Are you wondering how to use Instagram Story? If so, here’s how to go about it!

Getting started

It would be best if you swiped right to access the camera and capture the image or video and then share it in the story section. You could also use the pull-down option to upload the videos and photos from your camera roll in the last 24 hours. It is possible to see your Instagram Story, by opting in for the “Your Story” present on the left side of the app or website, right atop the feed.

After this, you might want to draw stickers and add text on your Instagram Story option and customize the post. The Instagram Story option enables you to tag various other accounts and verified accounts with the capacity to add links to the job.

When people browse Instagram, the story will appear in a bar format on top of the feed. Also, people can view your account by visiting your profile and tapping on the profile photo. When you are planning to use Instagram Story, you need to consider interactivity as the primary key. This tool allows you to communicate with the followers, in various ways, such as:

  • Quiz stickers and polls–You can create a survey or a quiz in your Instagram Story. It will help to keep your audience engaged and curious. Use the story option to pose a question about your brand. It will help people learn about it by browsing your website and keeping them engaged in the post to know the answer.
  • A question sticker – You can this to pose a question that might resonate with the audience. Else, you can answer the community questions that the followers have been asking. This way, you can address the customer’s pain points and help your followers find a solution.
  • The countdown sticker –Generally, brands use this when they are about to announce something exciting like a discount, a sale, a new line of product launch, and the like. It helps to generate the required anticipation amongst the followers, which increases customer engagement. You can also use this post for declaring a live session where you will answer the customer questions.

Instagram Stories is a smart tool to use to maximize customer engagement. You can use the question stickers to know all that people wish to hear about you, especially in such testing times. It helps you to provide everyday guidelines and reflections that customers can use. Furthermore, you can create a COVID-19 update to keep your customers informed. You might want to develop an interesting post on the safety and security protocols as a part of your online social governance initiatives. You can highlight all the features of the essential products that make it simple for people to find what they want with your brand.


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