Why Your Home Should Have More Photos on Display

Since the onset of the digital era, it’s become less common for homeowners to put photos on display throughout their home. This is partially because photos are more frequently shared in real-time on the internet, via platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. But it’s also because developing and printing photos are seen as a hassle; after all, you can review your photos any time you want on your phone or device of choice. Why bother printing them? 

However, displaying photos throughout your home can have a number of benefits, and there are many options you can use to display them. 

Options for Displaying Photos

Consider these options for putting your best photos on display: 

  • The conventional frame. One of the most popular options is to print and frame a photo with a conventional picture frame. These rectangular frames have been a mainstay in homes for decades, and they’re relatively easy to hang. However, they have limited versatility, and may not be the best fit for all your pictures. 
  • A unique frame. You could consider displaying your photos in a more unique frame. For example, you may be able to cluster many different photos together in a single frame, functioning almost like a collage. Alternatively, you can get a frame in a unique shape to show off something original about the photo. 
  • A photo book. If you have a lot of photos you want to display, but not enough room to hang them all up, consider printing an entire photo book. Once complete, you can leave this book on a coffee table, or prop it up on display as a centerpiece; then, anytime you want, you can flip through it to relive your favorite memories. 
  • A canvas print. If you’re looking for a bigger or more artistic way to display your favorite photo, consider getting a canvas print of it. The canvas will instantly make the photo seem more impressive, and you can get a size that fits almost any space on any wall in your home. 

Why Display Photos? 

Why is displaying photos such a powerful move? There are many potential benefits: 

  • Improve your mood. Looking at a photo you love, even if it’s just in passing, can elevate your mood. Whenever you pass that wedding photo on the staircase or the photo of your children on an end table, you’ll find yourself smiling. It’s a simple change that can improve your quality of life. 
  • Conjure memories. Photos are also a great way to conjure memories, which become increasingly important as you grow older. In time, you’ll look back at photos of your young children, and wonder how they could grow up so fast. You can get nostalgic about an old vacation, or about that camping trip that went terribly wrong. No matter what, photographs serve as a gateway to the past. 
  • Make your home unique. Not many people hang photos throughout their homes these days. Putting your own photos on display can almost instantly make your home unique; when people come over, they’ll see it has a feel all its own. 
  • Start conversations. Speaking of having people over, hanging photos can be a great way to encourage conversation. Your guests can see a photo of you with someone they’ve never met before, and ask you about your relationship with them. 
  • Begin a rotation. Just because you put a photo up in a frame doesn’t mean it has to be a permanent addition to your home. You can start a rotation, cycling new photos into the frame and display location on a regular basis. This way, you can keep things fresh and still keep most of your design elements intact. 
  • Encourage your photography habit. If you love photography as a profession or a personal hobby, displaying photos you’ve taken in the past can help you stay motivated. Seeing your previous work can inspire you to get out and take more photos, or may help you come up with new ideas for projects. 
  • Preserve your relationships. Though indirectly, photos may be able to help you preserve relationships with the people you love. For example, let’s say you have a large family photo framed and hung above the mantle; every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of your family members, and you’ll think about the people you haven’t spoken with in a while. It’s a great reminder to make a phone call or get back in touch. 

If you love photography, or if you just love some of the photos you’ve taken in the past, consider framing and displaying some of your favorites. It could add new life to your home, and encourage you to take more and better photos in the future. 


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