Eye-cacthing Organic Architecture with Whimsical Interior Design

We came across this marvellous private home with inspiring organic architecture and whimsical interior design which we would like to share forward. The Nautilius House is one-of-a kind eco friendly homes nestled on a piece of land at the end of the turn-around, with upward topography offering wide views of a green area with mountains in the horizon. Looking at this work that is so simplistic and so amazing at the same time, you are speechless. The Nautilius House appears to be from another world, it’s almost unbelievable what architect Javier Senosiain from Arquitectura Organica designed for its clients, a nature lover young couple with two children who wanted to change their conventional home to one integrated to nature. Inspired by the sea, the house has a surprinsigly shell shape and once you entered inside (even through a virtual tour) you’ll experience would be worthy of fairy tales.

Its modern approach of the architectural design seems to be the natural extension of an artistic mind: a striking entry cut into a wall of colorful stained glass, multi-colored spots of light casted onto walls,wonderful “grass carpet” leading residents and guests through a network of stone paths to the various areas of the home, spiral-shaped stairs with a sense of floating over the vegetation, sandy walls and gorgeous blue tiles in the bathroom.


Two elements are outstanding: the living room emerging from the inside garden and the dining room table coming out from the wall. It seems that the goal of this project was to make them feel like an internal inhabitants of a snail, like mollusks moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister. For that, the  Nautilus  house has no divisions, being a fluid space in three dimensions. Just mind-blowing. Maybe it’s not your dream home, but you must agree that it’s fantastic. Through projects like this one, architect Javier Senosiain proves that creativity never ends in architecture. It just goes to show you can fulfil your fantasies so imaginatively.

Photos source: worldarchitecturenews.

Project details:

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architect: Arquitectura Orgánica, Javier Senosiain
Date: 2006
Purpose: private  house.

For more images, check this video:

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