Wave Coffee Table and Sofa Furniture Design by Vito Selma

Vito Selma is a award winning designer who had fascinated the design world with his furniture creations design by it’s simplicity and originality, succeeding to design true furniture art design for interior design by using a piece of wood and a lot of imagination. This way his furniture work succeed to answer of the question: could wood indeed take such a shape?  Baud collection is amazing because the designer used like a muse the wave of the ocean captured in a wonderful sofa and coffee table for a  modern and innovated interior design.The curls of the water wave are captured inward and out from the  coffee table and sofa furniture which is perfectly reflected like a wave photo. You look at them and you see the perfect shape and the perfect emulation of water as it crashes against the surf.

The materials that Vito Selma is using for Baud collection are wood and glass. The transparency of the blat by using the glass is to see the wave shape that make the coffee table to be a unique, amazing modern design that gives a note of superiority and high quality of the designer work.  These furniture objects can be use to decorate your interior design of your house and let me tell you that your guest will be pleased to sit and during a cup of coffee with you.

Source: VitoSelma


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