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Factors to consider when buying a Latex mattress

Shopping for a perfect sleep solution is challenging and tiring.

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The mattress world is flooded with mattress companies offering all kinds of questionable quality mattresses. Yet some of you may have heard of Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattresses have many benefits over conventional mattresses often unique in their quality, utilising natural and organic materials and are often produced at affordable prices. Oh, and they are amazingly comfortable! 

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Ultimately, The quality of sleep you get on a night is determined in many ways by your choice of mattress. Latex offers a perfect solution regardless of the type of sleeper (side, back stomach, and combination sleeper) you are. 

Latex (Latex rubber) comes in three types:

1.  Natural or blended Latex mattress

This type is either pure or blended with other quality materials such as synthetic latex rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. It can also have non-natural petroleum products.  This natural type is popular and has been around for decades. The variety is pricey but very comfortable, especially used for back pain.

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2.  Foam over latex

The foam over latex has latex on the inside and foam on top. The foam is used as insulation, and it’s thinner to help in all sleeping solutions. Explore this amazing Latex Foam Mattress brought to you by Una Organic UK.

3.  Latex over foam

The third type works slightly differently from the second type of latex mattress. The latex is used for insulating the foam material.  The latex over foam also works well with back pain.

The three mattresses are designed with high technology to provide comfort in your sleep.  

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However, there are factors to consider when settling for a latex mattress.  Your choice should revolve around quality, health, prices, reviews, and more.  

Factors to consider before buying a latex mattress

·         Firmness

The firmness factor is different for every user. Some prefer soft while others don’t. The brand provides high, medium, and low density. Each type is exclusively based on the user’s needs.  One should pick what suits their sleep but also learn about the kind of sleeper you’re.

·         Quality

Latex doesn’t compromise when it comes to mattress quality. It provides the best for all uses regardless of the type of mattress.

·         Health

Sleep is healthy therapy that should be conducted on a unique sleep surface. Latex considers several health issues. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning it’s best for an individual with skin sensitivity and allergies.  The materials incorporated are free from any harmful substance.  Individuals with latex allergies can also use the latex mattress without any complications.  The latex mattress is certified and goes through a washing cycle. This makes them hypoallergenic foam, which is safe for all users.

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·         Prices

The purchase price of any mattress is generally aligned with their quality and firmness.  The prices of latex are quite high but well worth it.  


Finding an all-in-one mattress is challenging. However, latex offers comfort based top quality sleep.. Latex Mattresses offer a great combination of responsiveness and contouring for the user. They are best for anyone suffering from back pain and a great solution for those suffering from certain illnesses. We highly recommend buying a latex mattress today, for a better sleep every night!


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