Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Combi Boiler

When considering buying a Combi boiler, you need to consider several factors that will affect its functionality. These factors include the specifications of the boiler, reviews from other users, and incentives from manufacturers in the form of warranty. Although the price of the combi also matters, you should not use it as the only determining factor. The only way you’ll get more value is if the price matches the features.

Assessing the warranty

Best Combi Boilers have a warranty, but you should look at them carefully before deciding they are great. Don’t just look at the duration of the warranty. Most manufacturers offer 5 year warranties, but others offer 7 years. However, some brands work with Installers, and that reduces the cost of the installation greatly. Such an arrangement also comes with guarantees when you need to use the warranty. Look for a combi boiler that has the longest warranty. It shows that the manufacturer has enough faith in the product to believe it will remain in good condition for that duration.

Checking reviews

Best Combi Boilers have more customers talking positively about them. Like every other product, the combi may have a few negative reviews, but the positive ones should outweigh the negative. It shows that most customers had a good experience with the combi boiler. You should check online reviews but also as for word-of-mouth referrals. In most cases, online reviews are exaggerated, so you need to maintain scepticism as you read them.


A Combi boiler that functions as expected is good, but one that has high efficiency is better. Your boiler should double or triple your gas bills. Most boiler models have 25i to 30i range, and they can give over 80% efficiency when they are running low. The efficiency level increases when the boiler is operating close to its maximum output. Buy a brand that helps you save money by using minimal energy.

Weather resistance

One of the biggest problems with boilers is freezing during winter. You don’t want a boiler that you’ll spend a lot of time and money thawing when it gets cold. While it is common for combi boilers to freeze but some brands help you prevent the problem by giving them the ability to withstand up to – 15 degrees without freezing.

The best combi boilers

One of the best combi boiler brands is Worcester Bosch. Their boilers are the most commonly used Boilers across the UK and for a good reason. They are efficient, reliable, and of good quality. These boilers come with a warranty of up to 10 years, which is huge in the industry.

Viessman combi boilers are also classified among the top because of their quality. They are just as efficient, and they come at very affordable prices. These combi boilers are great all season, especially during winter. You won’t worry about thawing them when it gets cold.

Ideal combi boilers also offer some perks such as affordability and long warranties. You get a warranty of up to 7 years with them, and the Boilers will still function optimally.

With these tips, choosing the best combi boilers shouldn’t be a problem. Other brands you can consider include Vaillant combi boilers and Baxi combi boilers.


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