Fail-Safe Tips Of Patio Makeover You Need To Try Out

Last year we went through a mess of frightening threats and lifestyle changes, so it is no surprise that this year spring was a long-awaited relief.

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It doesn’t even matter whether you like to spend a day out to go hiking, be active or just want to kick back and relax, being outside generally makes us feel happier. By updating your patio, you are not only expanding your house, but you are also adding your own little happiness to it. Here are some easy and affordable hacks to make your patio ready in no time. 

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Expand your garden

Although plants aren’t a new concept, it seems that lately they have enjoyed a massive boom in popularity. You don’t even need to look that far, just bump into an interior design account on Instagram or quickly browse through Pinterest and you will see so many apartments, living rooms and houses filled with houseplants. Might be that the urban garden trend and this excessive accessorizing with house plants is a Millennial thing, but I think they are onto something. Not only do plants seem to create this much needed calmer environment around you, it can also help to turn a place around by adding extra color. .

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I only wish it would be easier to choose which plants to use for your outdoor space, but whether you decide on surrounding yourself with rattan planters and Jurassic Monster Leaf plants, make a herb garden or hang plants all over the place, your patio will look much more cozier. Who am I kidding, just take all the plants and spend the summer in your own urban jungle. 

Then there were lights

Though the days are getting longer, once the sun sets your garden and patio will succumb to the darkness, luckily there are various lighting solutions for every need. Choose string lights for ambient lighting that will be a pretty solution to create a space where all your family and friends can come and relax. If you are an avid reader, better choose a hanging pendant lamp, to really brighten this space up. However, if you are looking for something functional, opt out for solar-powered lights or insect repelling lamps, that will help to keep the mosquitos away. 

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Bring the comfort outside

Do you remember the days when patio furniture came in uncomfortable plastic and metal materials that were either too hot or too cold to sit down to? Well, nowadays things have changed and outdoor furniture not only looks welcoming with all the cushions and accent pillows thrown on it, but it also is so functional that various households are choosing to use outdoor furniture inside of their homes. Yes, you guessed correctly, I am talking about the rattan furniture craze. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to update your old patio set – just buy some cushions for a softer look, add a weatherproof rug for a splash of color and add an accent piece, such as a hanging rattan chair. 

Give some love to your patio furniture

Although in most cases it will be enough just to wipe the furniture off with a soft cloth or a sponge, some outdoor furniture materials can be way more difficult to care for.  If you have a patio set that is made from wood, use a varnish to give it a fresh glossy, semi-glossy or satin finish. Rattan furniture should be dusted, but if there are any small cracks or splits, you can always use some boiled linseed oil to fix it. When it comes to metal furniture it can sometimes become rusty, so the best thing to do is to apply a coat of rust paint before it’s too late. 

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Bring that boho look out with textiles.

Your old patio furniture still doesn’t look as fresh as you would like it to be? No worries, just opt out for some cozy and colorful textiles. Not only a new blanket, sofa throw or pillow case will completely change the look of your entire space, it will also make your existing furniture look better. Try to use a color palette that compliments your existing set up, however, as you know, the crazier the colors the better. 

Hope these quick and easy fixes will help you to find that safe haven in your own home, so you could watch the world go by with a fresh cocktail in your hand.


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