Furniture Buying Tips – Dos and Dont’s

There is more to shopping for furniture than just looking at the style.  It calls for careful consideration.  Buying furniture is an investment and not just an ordinary purchase. 

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You are going to use it for the years to come and you don’t want to end up spending much for something you will just regret.  

To help you shop for functional and stylish furniture, here are some dos and don’ts to consider:


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Do window-shop

Window-shopping can give you wonderful furniture ideas.  Sometimes, it’s better to see actual furniture or photos of them than imagining them in your mind.  Whether online or actually going to furniture shops nearby, be sure to look for ideas and styles in advance before making an actual purchase.

Do research 

After you have done your window-shopping, don’t forget to do your research.  Learn about different types of materials or fabrics, including their pros and cons.  Research about alternative materials in case the one you are looking for is not available or is out of your budget.  

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Do examine displays

Be free to check on what you are eyeing on.  Try sitting on sofas and beds to see if they are comfortable enough.  Feel the surface of the materials used if they seem nice to you.  Open those drawers and living room cabinets. Are they enough for your needs?  Imagine those furniture pieces to be in your home.

Do compare costs

Comparing costs does not mean looking for the cheapest piece of furniture, but rather looking for the one that gives you the best value.  Find one that is affordable yet of good quality.  Do not also just stop at looking into furniture prices.  Consider delivery costs, warranty, repairs, and customer service.  All these things matter if you want to look for a furniture supplier that gives you the best value.        

Do ask questions

As I have mentioned before, buying furniture is an investment.  You’d better be sure about the purchase you are about to make.  By asking questions you will learn more about the furniture you want.  You will be able to find out if it really suits your needs.  You will also get great ideas and recommendations from the store assistant. Finally, asking questions no matter how small can help you make the best furniture purchase decision.      

Do make a priority list 

Especially when you are moving to a new home or renovating, you may have a lot of furniture pieces you need to buy.  When your budget is limited, it may help to make a priority list of your furniture needs.  Purchase them accordingly when your budget permits.  Do not try to buy everything at once as you may tend to buy cheaper stuff, which may not be of good quality.      


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Don’t buy because they are marked down

Marked-down items are very tempting, but they do not always mean good deals.  Before adding sale items to your cart, be sure to consider the following:

  • Quality – Are the items of good quality?  Check for scratches or damages.  Ask if they have been used for display.  
  • Design and functionality – Do the items serve your design and functionality needs?  If the answer is a no, then it would be wise to put them back.
  • Style and color – Will the furniture pieces complement the style and theme of your home?  This is also something you need to consider before grabbing those marked-down items.   

Don’t purchase anything that is not on your list

If you are prone to impulse-buying, this is the time to really control yourself and never buy anything that is not on your list.   When you visit furniture stores, you might be tempted to look at other furniture and decorations.  Focus on your list and prioritize your needs.    

Don’t disregard measurements

Furniture pieces come in different sizes and measurements.  To make sure the pieces fit your home, don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your space.  When you go furniture shopping, check if the furniture you want fits your space.  To be sure, go a little lower than your original dimensions.    

Don’t sacrifice functionality over aesthetics

It’s easy to fall in love with stylish furniture, but does it serve your needs?  When getting furniture pieces, remember to balance functionality and style.  You can always find a perfect combination of practical yet stylish sofas.  Just don’t sacrifice functionality over aesthetics.    

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By carefully evaluating your needs, you will find it easier to get the right furniture pieces for your home.  Just remember this list of Dos and Don’ts in furniture-buying to avoid regretting making an investment you don’t normally do on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.      


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