Features to Make a Enhance Property Features Through Proper Staging Show Better with Potential Renters

There are specific strategies you need to employ to make best presentation of a home for potential renters. This includes specific steps you need to take a features you will want include in the property that will enhance its appeal to prospective e tenants.

Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal may not mean quite as much to a tenant as it does to a prospective homebuyer, but it is nonetheless important. Thus, a feature that will of at least some importance to a prospective tenant is the exterior of the residence.

When it comes to the exterior of rental property, and the condition it is in, you need to appreciate the impact curb appeal has on different types of prospective tenants. If the exterior of your rental property is in sharp condition and is attractive, you will attract potential tenants that are more likely to take pride in the look and appearance of their homes.

On the other hand, if the exterior of your rental property is not up to speed, you will turn off what very well may be more responsible tenants who are concerned about how all aspects of their residence appear, rented or not. You may also unwittingly attract a cohort of prospective tenants who view an unkempt exterior as being indicative of a landlord who doesn’t much care what goes on in the property once a lease is signed. It’s doubtful that you want to considered that type of landlord.

A general comment on the features in your rental property that may have appeal to a prospective tenant is important. You never know for certain which of the features found in your residence will be of most important to a potential tenant. Thus, you need to embark on a staging plan that permits a prospective tenant the ability to appreciate what the property will look like if he or she moves in.

Want this really means is that you need to eliminate distracting items and clutter in the residence that will distract from the tenant. Simplicity matters when it comes to staging in a manner that will highlight different features that very well may matter to prospective tenants.

The Kitchen

One room that you can count on a prospective tenant focusing on is the kitchen. You should make sure that the kitchen features basic appliances that are of good quality and are attractive. These appliances to not need to be the absolutely latest and greatest, but they must not be worn and outdated either. When thinking of appliances that should be fairly up to date, a landlord should focus on the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

The sink and associated faucet and hardware should also be nice looking and of fairly recent origin. In the end, a tenant simply will not respond well to kitchen features that seem like they are on their last legs.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another space that contains features that will matter to a prospective tenant. A potential tenant will want a bathroom to look attractive and not appear to be something of an afterthought.

As with the kitchen, you will want to consider the state of the faucet and other hardware associated with the sink, shower, and bathtub. You can undertake a simple, and relatively affordable, facelift to bathroom features by replacing these items if they are not particularly of recent vintage.

Count on a prospective tenant out the water pressure in the shower. Shower water pressure simply is one feature that is of considerable importance virtually any tenant.


Security is important for most renters in this day and age. One way you can enhance the appeal of a rental residence for a prospective tenant is to ensure the premises have some basic security features. These begin with appropriate doors and windows that come complete with suitable locks.

If the rental unit is located in a multi-family structure, you definitely want to make sure that the exterior door that leads into the structure is properly secured. This can include the installation of a camera from which a tenant can identify who might be calling while in his or her apartment and before letting a person in to the building.

Pet Friendly

Many people have pets, animals that truly are considered members of the family. If an apartment is open to pets, that point needs to be made clear in a number of different ways. This includes features contained in a rental agreement. A pet deposit, and an additional rental charge, added for a pet needs to be reasonable.


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