Planning a Funeral Buffet at Your Home

When a loved one passes on, grieving the loss is a part of the process. On the other hand, a funeral or memorial service is also designed to celebrate the life of a family member or friend who has passed on.

One way in which that individual’s life can be celebrated is through a gathering in your home. An idyllic course to take in this regard is to host a funeral buffer at your home. There are some thoughts to keep in mind when it comes to planning a funeral buffer at your home.

You Don’t Need to do the Work

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Upon first blush, you may understandably balk at the idea of having some sort of post-funeral or post-memorial service gathering at your home. How in the world can you possibly prepare a gathering at your home, let alone one that includes a buffet, with everything else going on.

The key thing to bear in mind is that when it comes to a funeral buffet at your home, you don’t need to do the work. In the aftermath of a death, friends of the family of the deceased desire to assist. They want something to do. They want to feel needed and helpful.

All you need to do to get a funeral buffet planned, organized, and presented is to reach out to a few friends with some aptitude in regard to events like this. You’ll end up thoroughly impressed with how effective they are at getting the whole event organized.

Incorporate Silver into the Celebration

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Even though you readily will find others to “do the work,” you will want to leave your imprint on the gathering. You might even want to make a written list to provide guidance for those who will be organizing the funeral buffet.

One element that you will want to include in the funeral buffet is silver. Silver can be included in the tablescape for the buffet service burlap table runner bulk . This can include items life silver candleholders, silver vases containing flowers, and other silver pieces.

Why silver at a funeral buffet? If you are a religious person, of either the Jewish or Christian faiths, there are references to silver in the Old Testament that can be associated with funerals.

In many instances, a person who passes away has lived a long life. In those instances, the tie between death, the Old Testament, and silver is quite direct. There are references in Genesis and Proverbs equating silver with the beauty of age. Throughout the Bible, there is also reference to silver as being symbolic of mourning.

Potluck Buffet is a Traditional Post-Funeral Practice

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You can make the task of organizing a funeral buffet at your home even easier for the group of friends who are overseeing organizing the event. You can have a potluck funeral buffet.

The idea of bringing casseroles, desserts, and other good items to a person’s home following a death is something of a cliché. Cliché or not, it’s a lovely tradition.

Food items brought to the home can be made a part of the funeral buffet. In addition, those organizing the meal can request others to bring particular food items to the home for the buffet.

Beverages for a Funeral Buffet

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You certainly don’t want to turn a funeral buffet into an opportunity for extensive drinking. The risk for people imbibing a bit too much following a funeral or memorial service exists.

You need to decide whether or not adult libations will be made available at a funeral buffet in your home. You might want to limit selections to wine, perhaps some beer. You may want to forgo having a complete bar stocked with a myriad of spirits.

Make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options available. Make certain that there are beverage choices that are ideally suited for kids.

Toasts at a Funeral Buffet

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An aspect that you might want to include in a funeral buffet at your home is toasts to the deceased loved one. You might want to have someone make a more formal toast. You might want to open it up wider and allow any guest who desires to make a toast in honor of the person who passed.

Timing of the Buffet

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There is something cathartic to having an informal gathering on the same day as the funeral or memorial service. Indeed, this is a common practice. Therefore, provided you feel up to it, seriously consider having a buffet on the same day as the funeral of memorial service.


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