Feng Shui Tips For How Many Fish You Need in an Aquarium To Attract Wealth and Abundance!

When it comes to wealth and abundance, feng shui aquariums can serve as a highly effective remedy. 

It is believed that aquariums can attract abundant energy into your space depending on its positioning and other guidelines. 

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Herein lies the importance of placing aquariums in various banks and Chinese restaurants. If you have been thinking about installing an aquarium at your home or office, then you have come to the right place. 

Today we are going to guide you with some expert-approved tips for harnessing Feng Shui energy to its greatest potential.

Fish is considered to be a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture given their ability to reproduce quickly. They have also been associated with marine energy since time immemorial. An aquarium, be it a 20-gallon tank or less can strike the perfect balance between five Feng Shui elements:

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  • Fire denoted by the brightly coloured fish and the aquarium lighting.
  • Metal signified by the aquarium structure.
  • Water which is the main component of the aquarium.
  • Wood signified by the plants present in the aquarium.
  • Earth denoted by the small gravel and rocks scattered at the bottom of the aquarium.

About Feng Shui Fishes

Arowana or Dragon fish is the most famous Feng Shui wealth fish. 

They tend to grow quickly while displaying dominance leading to its symbolisation as abundance and power. 

Koi is another popular Feng Shui fish which comes in vibrant hues and are considered to be a sign of profusion. Gold fishes are meant for being stored in small 10-gallon tank and signifies a lively energy of growth. Nine is considered as an auspicious number as per Feng Shui guidelines when it comes to having fish in an aquarium.

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Placement Of The Aquarium

It is best to keep the aquarium at the southeast corner of your house which is also known as the ‘Wealth & Abundance Bagua area’ in Feng Shui terms

This area is believed to have the best energy which can be amplified to a greater extent by positioning an aquarium. 

Alternatively, you can consider its placement in the northern part of your house or office known as the ‘Career Bagua area’, or eastern segment known as the ‘Health & Family Bagua area.’

It is prohibited to place the aquarium in your bedroom as per Feng Shui principles. The main reason behind this is the lively energy of the aquarium which might weaken the cocooning aura you wish to have in your bedroom. 

Placing an aquarium next to your bed can make you feel less stable and more pre-occupied which surely is the last thing you would want after returning home from a hectic day at work. 

Kitchen is another ‘red zone’ for keeping your aquarium as the water elements of an aquarium conflict with the fire element of cooking. 

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Varieties Of Feng Shui Aquarium

For attracting the right kind of Feng Shui energy, it is imperative to select the correct aquarium.

It should work in conformity with the various elements of Feng Shui in the area where it has been placed for best results. 

Our money area is governed by wood element and you should select a rectangular aquarium for being positioned here. 

A square aquarium can also be chosen as this shape is linked with the earth element which is known to nourish wood. 

Round shaped aquariums are linked with the metal element. 

You can place a small round fish tank in your money area for diminishing the ambient wood element. 

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If you wish to harbour best results from the Feng Shui aquarium, then you need to keep the water clean, lighting adequate and both the plants and fish healthy. 

This can only be done if you devote adequate time behind its maintenance. 

Uneaten food particles and dirt deposited on the aquarium floor should also be cleaned at a regular interval. 


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