Finding Ways to Save Money on Your Long-Distance Move

Moving can come with a wide range of emotions. You’re excited about moving to a new location and finding out what it has to offer. On the other hand, you’re leaving behind many memories, your family, and good friends. Once you get past the wave of emotions, it’s important to plan ahead and find ways to cut out waste and make the move as affordable as possible. 

Deciding whether to decorate or bring along your furnishings

Since your move is long-distance, you have to make decisions quickly. One decision is whether or not to bring your existing furniture. If you have pictures of your new home handy, now is a good time to glance through the photos and see if what you have will work with the new home. If it’s a matter of just needing to repaint it’s no big deal, but it the furniture you have is old and outdated and the new home is in a completely different environment such as located on the coast, the existing pieces may not work. Something else to consider is that everything you decide to bring increases the amount of move. If you have any doubts at all, it’s probably best to sell the pieces or give them away. 

Moving companies are not all the same

Just like with any business, all moving companies are not the same. They all have varying rates and reputations. Since everything you own in the world is at risk it’s important to do a thorough search and select several companies that meet or exceed your standards. Once you have a few selected, it’s time to contact them one by one and obtain a written estimate of the cost involved with the move. If anyone of them refuses to provide it, scratch them from your list. 

Selecting the date of your move

Moving companies have peak seasons where the supply and demand are great. If you can avoid these times, generally from May through September, you can expect to save 10 to 15%. If there’s no possible way to avoid it, then at the very least schedule your move during the week. Weekends cost much more and this way at least you’ll save something. 

Do most of the leg work on your own

Moving companies compile a written estimate based on the distance, time of year, the amount of cargo and their labor involved. If you opt to pack up the boxes on your own, you can reduce the labor rate substantially. Just remember to pay attention to the agreement you signed. The number of boxes and the sizes you agreed to must be the same. If you go over even one box they will charge you for additional storage space. Also, make sure that you mark the boxes with permanent marker and identify the contents. This will take a lot of work out of unpacking when you reach your new destination. 

Host a yard sale

Chances are that if you’ve resided at your current residence for many years you have a lot of things tucked away in your basement, garage, and attic that you no longer need. Now is a great time to comb through your things and get rid of all the unwanted items. Once you have a collection of things gathered you can advertise in the paper or post signs in your neighborhood as to the date of the yard sale. Try and plan it for a weekend to attract more traffic. You’d be surprised as to the number of people who will come out to take a look at what you have. At yard sales, people look for home furnishings, clothing, baby supplies, tools and pictures. Depending on what you have and the condition you could make a few hundred dollars over the course of a weekend. Anything that you don’t sell, you can give to a family member or friend, or donate to charity. 

The key to a successful and stress-free move is to plan ahead. Estimate all the costs and reduce your expenses where you can. This way you won’t have any surprises that can cause you grief.


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