Fiore, Beautiful Asian-Inspired Outdoor Furniture

Asian-inspired furniture has always something unique and charming in its appearance creating that Zen-like space which is very appealing and relaxing. Fiore is an elegant and beautiful outdoor furniture collection, developed by B-alance, a Swiss brand which aim to create a balanced lifestyle influenced by Ying and Yang Chinese philosophy through their high quality and original furniture and accessories.

Displaying a lovely design that mimic the curves often seen in Asian countries, the collection features modular sets of sofas, footstools and coffee table which allow you to create interesting combinations according to your needs. The bold combination between cozy white cushions and dark rattan frames turns to be a great choice in summers season for your deck or any other outdoor space where you want to relax and have a good time. This Asian-inspired outdoor furniture is produced in China according to Swiss standards.

Photos: © B-alance.

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