Three Simple Space-Saving Ideas

Home décor is about so many different things: choosing colours and styles that suit your own

personality, creating a comfortable living environment, impressing friends, and making room for

prized possessions from a past life. Accommodating all of these goals into one space can sometimes

be an enormous challenge – indeed creating something stylish, spacious and cluttered with artefacts

from a past life seems like a huge challenge. The best way to approach this is by employing space-

saving mechanisms to open up an area which can accommodate all of these goals. Here are three

household items that can help in this regard.


Corner sofas


Corner sofas are the best seating solutions for people who want to maximise space. In the right

room they offer up an enormous amount of seating, a comfortable place to relax and fill up floor

area that wouldn’t be used anyways. This strategy doesn’t just apply to people with huge homes,

and many retailers have extensive ranges of corner sofas which should fit most, if not all, homes.


Pull-out Storage Cupboards


Pull-out storage cupboards are generally used in the kitchen where they allow people to store a

huge amount of items without taking up a great deal of surface area. Essentially, these are cabinets

which array shelves at a 90 degree angle to the rest of cabineting, these are then slid out so they

can be accessed. This is a tremendous idea as it means you can fit a huge amount of storage space

into your kitchen without taking up the whole area. Having adequate storage space is essential if you

want to keep your kitchen pleasant and uncluttered.


@Gareth Humphreys

Hidden Storage


People often jam their cupboards full of miscellaneous items from all over the house. This is

fine, provided you have the cupboard space. If you don’t you should get original and considering

purchasing footrests, benches and other items that can double as cabinets. Buy a comfortable

footrest which has a lid that can be removed, then use the empty space to store extra blankets.

Solutions like this can really save you space.

 @Sarah Woodham

Saving space around your house is all about originality, so identify your problem and see what

resources you have at your disposal to open up more space – you won’t regret it when you see the

finished product.


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