Five Reasons To Install a Roller Garage Door

If you’re considering getting a new garage door, you might think about what sort of door you should get that’s going to offer the most value, and not stretch the budget. 

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Homeowners are constantly looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade their home, increase property value and add kerbside appeal. But we’re also concerned about things like safety, security, energy efficiency, and storage. One way to tick all these boxes is to make the investment in upgrading your garage door to an automated roller garage door. 

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Not only are they elegant and functional, but they come with a variety of benefits to your home. We’ve created a helpful list of all the advantages to installing a new roller garage door. 

Better Security and Safety

Having an old garage door can make your home vulnerable to criminals. It doesn’t matter if everything you keep in the garage is low-value, a rusty door that’s easy to break into can suggest that the rest of your home is less secure too. 

Roller garage doors are more secure than old out-of-date garage doors for break-ins. The insulated slats are less susceptible to being broken with a crowbar, and the bottom is highly secure and will not lift. 

They are also much safer than a manual garage door. With extra sensitive sensors, a roller garage door will not open or close if there’s an obstruction in the way. This could be something as small as a leaf or a twig. That means you won’t risk a child running underneath and getting hit, or crushing anything that’s been left under the door by mistake. 

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More Energy Efficient

Conserving our energy usage is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now with the cost-of-living crisis. But upgrading your garage door means you should save money on your energy bills. 

The first place you will look to decide where you could save money on your heating is the entrance and exit points of the home, like doors and windows. The garage door is a huge part of this. It’s essential your garage door isn’t causing you to lose out on your energy bills, especially since having an old door that has gaps can lead to damp and mildew in the garage. If you store anything important in there, you want it to be safe from mould. 

Upgrading them to a modern roller garage door with insulated slats offers your garage better energy efficiency, protects your belongings, and will save you money too. 

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If you decide to invest in a roller garage door, you’ll quickly realise how convenient they are. No longer do you need to manually lift the garage door and risk hurting yourself, and you also don’t need to exit your vehicle and battle the weather to open it either. Once you’ve got a roller garage door installed, all it takes is one click of the remote control fob from inside your vehicle and the door will open. 

Suddenly, your day-to-day life is free of complications, and you won’t ruin your work clothes by getting out to open your garage door in the rain!

Extra Space In Your Garage

Another compelling reason for getting a roller garage door is all the extra space it can offer. If you use your garage for storage (as so many of us do!) then you’ll want all the space you can get. A manual garage door swings up and into the garage, meaning you can’t use the ceiling for any storage. 

A roller garage door folds up into a cover hood positioned right above the door, giving you lots of extra space for your garage. You can create hanging shelves to fully utilise the space for whatever you need. 

You’ll also get an average of an extra 10-12 inches of space on your driveway, which can be vital for car owners with larger vehicles. 

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Higher Property Value

Given all the reasons we’ve listed above, it’s no surprise that updating your garage door to one that offers extra space, higher security, and additional safety, like a roller garage door will also have a positive effect on your property value too. 

Part of selling any property is kerbside appeal. You want your home to look good when potential buyers come to view it. A brand new garage door will make your home look neat and well kept, as opposed to an old and rusty door that makes it seem messy, and forgotten about. It’s all in the details. 


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