Floating Lamps with Levitation Technology

Specialized in levitation technologies for creative use, Eindhoven based company Crealev and Angela Jansen introduced its new brand of floating products during Woonbeurs in RAI in Amsterdam 2011. Among them, two models of floating lamps, Silhouette #1 and Eclipse #1 made their appearance and attract many people who were amazed by these levitating lamps. Whether you believe it or not, the lampshades really are levitating in mid air due to an integrated levitation technology, consisting out of electromagnetic components, a sophisticated control system and the latest LED technology which has the result of having lower consumption too. Silhouette #1’s design is an interesting combination between antique appearance and ultra-modern technology which makes it  very fashionable.

The lamp has a conical shape, featuring  matt black fabric with a pearl white inner side furnishing and handcrafted wooden base with a high glossy black finish. Meanwhile, Eclipse #1’s design is modern with a highly elegant composure and unlike the first one, it hand-crafted transparent glass base can be featured in matt black or reflective silver finishes, both having a pearl white inner side furnishing. Due to their design and latest technology, they are a special timeless pieces that suits very well to any interior. Look at the picture and videos to see for yourself.


Silhouette # 1 Floating Lamp Video


Eclipse #2 Floating Lamp Video

For more information, please visit: Light-Light.

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