Indoor pool, Perfect for Cold Seasons

For those truly passionate about water, eager to enjoy the pool all year round, surely they will not give up swimming even if the snow will rush towns. The solution is to have an indoor pool, so in winter or in any other season the space will be heated. Nowadays, thanks to modern materials, manufacturing process engineering and construction technique, there are various types of pools. Rectangular, round, covered with mosaic, framed glass wall that allows good visibility outdoors and enjoy an autumn rain or a rich snow, indoor pools are the result of a complex project that takes consideration: that space architecture, choosing the right materials, durability and functionality of the pool, water and air heating, ventilation and dehumidification. Energy saving is also an important chapter in the design. Without a professional survey may appear big trouble: unbreathable atmosphere, condensation affecting the construction or loss of water weakened the foundation of the house.

Photo: John Kraemer & Sons

If allocated space of the pool is designed to impress, then take  into account having an interesting communication both with the outside and the inside of the house. Even if we talk about indoor pools, they can be customized at will. For exemple, it can be embellished with unique glass mosaic tiles with spectacular decorative elements. And for the space to be complete, add a Jacuzzi, sun beds comfortable tables for drinks or a hammock caught in a corner of this area are ideal for relaxation. Pools that we present are ideal for homes with the overall utility or are provided with a functional basement. Although space will not allow, you can find sources of inspiration for future home, if you want to integrate a swimming pool in your home and enjoy the comfort throughout the year.

Photo: Abramson Teiger Architects

Photo: David Hallam Ltd.

Photo: David Hallam Ltd.


Photo: Patrick Beaton

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