How to Decorate with Stripes

Retro-inspired prints in stripes are back in fashion. Stripes are suitable for any style approach if you know how to enter them into the background, having an amazing impact on designing your interior. Whether they are horizontal or vertical, stripes promote order and have an almost architectural power to redirect the eye and reshape a space. They can be used in any area of the house: the bedroom, living room or kitchen, to the entrance hall, bathroom or dining room. Besides the purely decorative role, they are used to increase (the horizontal) or high (vertical) visually the room.

Depending on their thickness and color, stripes can completely change one’s vision of a room. Whether you are trying to add more character to your interiors or you need to change totally your design room turning into something special, stripes are a chic solution for that. It is recommended to use the measure of these accents. Here are some tips that will help you bringing formidable flair to your home.

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1. Before you start to decorate the house in stripes, you must keep in mind the principle of simplicity. In other words, to create a balance of the interior, do not overload it with dozens of shapes and colors. Instead, try to combine simple elements with color accents represented by straight lines in various shades. The combination of colors and patterns should be done with good taste, because it can create the effect of an easily loaded and clogged space.

2. You should match the size of the stripes to the size of the room. In small spaces, use light colors – yellow, beige, light green and wide stripes to brighten the room. If, for example, have a bedroom colored in one color, you can opt to apply stripes to cheers atmosphere and put the viewer’s eye to a single central point of the room. So you create more space and room brightness. Further, the choice is yours. Whether you choose to apply the stripes on a wall color to keep the other three walls or ceiling dressed only in straight lines.

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3. For a modern decor resort to bold colors of pink, red or orange to match that possibly another piece of furniture or other accessories in the room, while the beige and brown / chocolate are perfect for a classic interior design. Black and white stripes give a modern room and surprisingly, instantly turning the space into one neat, clean and airy. There are several variants to adopt this trend: wallpaper, paint, carpet, drapes, furniture, pillows, but use them with moderation. Wallpaper has the advantage to maintain easily and can also be easily taken down if you want to change the whole style of the house.

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4. Stripes models look great as a floor, and walls or ceiling. In this mode ,the rooms will change radically. If you want to turn the floor in a game of lights and shadows, looking for a tile or a floor in your favourite colors. Linoleum is another good option, and new models look great and installed easily. A striped rug is more advantageous because you can spread it if you were bored with this combination.

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5. Use accents with stripes: A picture or a large poster placed in a visible place can have a big impact. Put it in a really great color for a perfect fit with the interior. Other options are ceramic, decorative cushions, curtains, chairs, coffee table, sofa cover, blanket, lamp or chandelier. They give extra freshness to your living room, if you put decorative pillows with covers in warm colors and straight lines. If you do not find these items to buy, you can get yourself the desired effect even putting a fabric, a sticker or painting certain parts or others.

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Stripes do not require large expenditures and illuminate even the darkest interiors that are well- worth. You can find lots of creative ideas that will improve the appearance of the house and bring a touch of style interior of your home. The decor of a room will receive such a note of joy and optimism due to the dynamic game created by the stripes.

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