Form & Function – 5 Minimalist Design Tips That Combine Beauty With Practicality

It can be easy to fall into the comparison trap when it comes to interior design and home decorating.

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However, the thing to remember about minimalism is that it is actually very accessible and an easy aesthetic to adopt. All you need to do is focus on your home’s essential items, rethink anything that feels excessive, and consider the following five minimalist tips that will ensure your spaces are as beautiful as they are practical.

1. Freshen Up Your Environment With Aromas

Many overlook the role scent and air quality play in enhancing the feel of a room. Using small items that don’t take up much space such as colorful LED air purifiers or a beautiful wooden aroma diffuser will not only add to the ambiance of the space but can also act as understated, simplistic decor items. 

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Choose your scents based on their freshness factor or the mood you would like to evoke. For example, spiced scents are considered wintery and great for creating a cozy environment, while citrus or mint can create a sense of freshness.

2. Use Furniture As Decor

Minimalism is all about keeping what is useful to you. A great benefit of this design trend is that it saves you so much time and money when considering things like decor, art, or display items that do not serve you (or your family) any practical function. 

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Choose your furniture and appliances wisely so that they can fulfill the role of home decor. Whether this means choosing kitchen appliances in your favorite color or really unique tables and chairs to act as feature pieces, you can beautify your home without getting anything extra.

3. Keep Your Countertops and Benches Clear

Every family or multi-person household knows the perils of benchtop clutter that just keeps growing. This point may at first seem super-obvious, but in practice, it requires a conscious, ongoing commitment. Make it a household rule to keep all surface areas clear at all times. The best way to enforce this is:

  • Make it known and accepted by everyone 
  • Have a dedicated place for everything that used to end up on the table
  • Consider a miscellaneous drawer for small items you really can’t do without

Clear surfaces will not only make your home look and feel more fresh and clean, but they will also give you more space to cook and work comfortably.

4. Give Every Appliance A Home

Once you’ve sorted your benches, you can set a dedicated spot for all your household belongings. In the organization and cleaning community, this is referred to as “giving everything a home” and is a great way to ensure you never waste time searching the house for lost items. 

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To create a minimalist aesthetic, prioritize filling the spaces inside your cabinetry, cupboards, and drawers to prevent clutter. You can use storage organizers, boxes, and dividers to better utilize cupboard and pantry space. 

5. Utilize Your Wall Space

Finally, a helpful way to store any other items you have left after steps #3 and #4 is to take advantage of vertical space by using hooks and shelving. This refers to all your walls, and potentially, your ceilings too. 

To maintain a minimalistic aesthetic, use your walls to hang or keep items that match the color scheme and style of your space and maintain order in what is displayed. This can also be a great way to display your houseplants or herbs without taking up a table or floor space.

Now you know how easy it is to create a minimalist home, it’s time to get started on realizing your vision!


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