French doors vs Bi-fold doors: Which design best suits your home?

When renovating your home, choosing new patio doors is a big decision. It massively affects how you view and use the space in your home and garden. Both bi-fold and French doors offer a better garden view than windows or single doors and are often a popular choice.

French doors are more traditional patio doors in design and are usually seen in older properties; they comprise of two doors which both open inwards or outwards into your garden. Whereas, bi-fold doors hang from a top track and concertina back so that all of the panels fold fully back; the low-profile design almost entirely opens up one wall to the garden.

If you’re looking to install either design, there are a few factors to consider and compare to ensure your new doors suit your homes’ style as well as your lifestyle and budget.

  • View

Bi-fold doors can replace an entire wall which means you have a wider view of the outdoors. When they are folder back you can see a full and uninterrupted view of outside. This also creates a social space and floods the room with light.

While French doors do not replace the whole wall, they simply sit in the brick structure. This means the view is not as wide or clear as if you had bi-folds. However, French doors are still a step up from a single door or window, as they do still offer a better view than these would.

  • Material

The type of material you choose for your doors has a massive impact on the overall look and feel and maintenance of your doors. For a hard-wearing low maintenance door, uPVC works well for smaller windows and doors, but it is less suitable for large openings. For a more traditional, soft appearance, timber is great for adding character to a property, although does require regular maintenance.

A great all-round material is aluminium; it is lightweight, low maintenance and able to bear a large load. It is a great choice for contemporary homes but can also work well with older properties. Aluminium allows for thin frames and comes in a variety of finishes, in keeping with the design of the home and suits both Bi-fold and French doors.

  • Cost

Generally bi-fold doors are more expensive than French doors; but they can increase the value of your property in the long run. It has been reported that the increase can be as much as 10% of the property’s value, making bi-fold designs an investment for the future, as well as to enjoy now.

For a more affordable door, French doors should be your go-to as they are much smaller than bi-fold or sliding doors.

  • Threshold

Bi-fold doors allow a level threshold, creating a seamless transition from inside to outside, and removing any trip hazard of a protruding frame.

French doors are available on traditional door frames, which create a small lip between the inside and outside that must be stepped over. As such, they tend not to be flush to the ground.

French Doors

To conclude, the style of French doors are generally better suited to older properties, as there is a greater variation in frames and glass styles, they can be made to complement a home’s existing features, such as sash windows. However, Aluminium French doors from Quickslide do offer benefits to homeowners of both contemporary and traditional properties alike.


Bi-fold doors are often associated with modern properties but are becomingly increasingly popular in traditional designs; particularly through extensions. They allow residents to enjoy a bright and airy interior, provide optimal security and have the potential to increase property value further down the line.  

Ultimately, the doors that you choose will come down to personal taste, style and the amount and type of space you have available.


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