What is street photography

Street photography is one that shows the local culture, events, architecture and / or portrays people in scenes of their day to day life. Usually they are intriguing images that tell a story and have the potential to mark an epoch. Street photographs carry a temporary character, show a passing scene, usually (but not necessarily) commonplace, which after a time will be history and tends never to repeat itself in exactly the same way.

The idea of ​​street photography is to give the viewer the sensation of what it is to be there in that place, at that moment, in such a way that, seeing his picture, he can even imagine the smell of the street. The concept is broad and its classification varies from person to person. Often, depending on the context in which it is used, it can also be identified as photojournalism, travel photography and documentary photography.

Despite the name, street photographs do not necessarily have to be taken on the street. Photos in a shopping center, shop, theater, beach etc can also be considered street photography.

In the opinion of many, street photography does not need to have perfect technique and composition. On the contrary, the imperfections of a snapshot taken at a decisive moment are that they bring to the photo the “charm” of street photography, and convey a sense of authenticity and reality. People or objects partly cut, blurry elements, display errors are just a few examples of these imperfections. They reinforce the immediacy and spontaneity of a passing moment in the life of the person portrayed.

On the other hand, some people argue that every photo should have perfect technique.

Of course you should have good sense and a good dose of self-criticism when you go through your photos, and even if you fit the “perfect” side, think that small mistakes in street photography are accepted by many, and so you have a little more flexibility in this theme. The impact of street photography is more on the alert eye of the photographer and its rapidity in freezing that particular moment – and the content of the final image – than in the technique and composition of the photo.

When you see something interesting happening, do not hesitate! Take the camera and hit the photo. If you decide to set up the camera at this time you may lose the photo. At the end of the day, some of your photos will be discarded, but many will not, and will make your photo day worthwhile.

Tips for Street Photography

When taking street photography, consider the following tips for returning home with good photos on the memory card:

• Shoot without looking through the viewfinder: To capture unusual angles and be discreet, try taking pictures by pointing the camera without looking at the viewfinder or the subject being photographed. In the first few times, framing probably will not be the best, but over time, you gain experience.

• Being “face-to-face”: photographing unfamiliar people, often knowing they are being photographed, can yield great images with excellent compositions. However, it requires a good deal of extraversion and courage, which the photographer creates with the passage of time and experience.


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