Fun and Attractive Open Office, eBay – GittiGidiyor in Istanbul

Further to our posts related to great companies’ offices design, today we want to share with you another appealing and colorful office design belonging this time to Ebay- GittiGidiyor in Istanbul, Turkey. We don’t know if you have noticed an interesting fact, namely that one of the elements that great international companies’ offices have in common when we refer to their office designs is playfulness translated through colour as well as through creative and ingenious ideas of decorations, graphics and furnishings.

Unlike other offices belonging for example to Google or Facebook where it’s obvious that this side we are talking about is very developed, according to their business concept and activity field, the relatively new office of Ebay-GittiGidiyor in Istanbul embraces a fun and joyful concept which is manifested only by eye-catching combinations of colours that create a sense of dynamism and reflect the company’s corporate identity.

Imagined by Turkish design and architecture practice OSO Architecture, this office space of one of the most players of e-trade in global and local markets is located in My Office Building in Istanbul Atasehir where it occupies one floor of 2000 m². As you can see from the images, it displays a modern and inviting design emphasized by bright colorful accents on walls, carpets and random pattern panels on suspended ceilings. The natural wood work at the floor and ceiling combined with the black wall representing a stylized world map is an original design idea that creates an impressive visual relationship between the entrance hall and social areas.

The social facilities, meeting rooms and open space working area are connected visually through a lovely circle carpet pattern which is also used in other branch offices applied and reflects the company’s corporate identity. The open space working area can have up to 164 people working on 1.100 m2 with a maximum of 225 seats and stands out through the chaotic and colorful design of this cavernous suspended ceiling which enables to perceive the full height of the space and helps with the acoustics too. The office of Ebay- GittiGidiyor in Istanbul features 12 meeting rooms with different sizes and hi-tech infrastructures exported from UK, each one having a name and a digital door print symbolizing a historic place in Turkey.

 Photos © Gürkan Akay


Project details:

Design Team: Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık
Client: eBAY Int.
Location: Atasehir – Istanbul
Project date: 2012
Area: 2000 m2
Building type: Office



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