Sophisticated Simplicity Defines Darren James’s Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation project with the help of a professional company like Interiors by Darren James will always have such a fabulous result, that not only meets but exceeds the clients’ requirements and expectations as you can see in these images. Practical and inviting, with sleek ultramodern lines, this kitchen displays a sophisticated and visually stunning space which isn’t in any way reminiscent of the original kitchen: small, cramped and non-functional.

Emanating charisma and elegance, the new kitchen was specifically designed to meet certain criteria: premium quality in every detail, larger space and ultramodern design to suit the clients’ Australian style. Thus, the project combines smart minimalist design, the latest technical mechanisms, quality materials and finishes, as well as handcraft production techniques amazingly. Its free flowing design is due to the fact that designers bought down the diving wall that separated the previous kitchen and an unused sitting room, in this way maximizing its functionality and making effective use of available light and space.

There is an interesting use of materials, furniture pieces and appliances, which give it a cutting edge look with high class finish: stainless steel benchtop that provides the ultimate surface in terms of hygiene, heat resistant and food preparation, a strategically placed wall oven feature surrounded by LED strip lighting, with metal supports and bracing incorporated into the construction of the wall, and thicker timber framing to ensure structural integrity, a selected range of stainless steel Miele appliances that combine black painted glass finish with ‘Ebony Maccassar’ natural veneer and at a simple press of the button turns into a gorgeous furniture piece with a fully functional storage, an induction cooktop for efficient cooking  or a large sink area.

The visually stunning island bench featuring natural stone on top is very practical and defines a casual seating and dining area, and complements the other natural elements in the kitchen perfectly too. Embracing this combinations of different textures and luxurious quality finishes meant ensuring top performance without compromising on personality or charm. The lighting system is designed for both ambient and practical purposes, highliting in the same the exquisite design of  the kitchen’s cabinetry. Could be this one your dream kitchen? We’d love to hear how you rate this kitchen so please let us know.

 Photos © Interiors by Darran James

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